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Product Notes

THE ZOO HUMAN PROJECT (ZHP) is comprised of three friends: Derek Martinez, Jen Cordero, and Kevin Sakamoto. Formed in Los Angeles, they decided to quit their full-time jobs and tour nationally to promote their first album, 'Innominata' (released 2006). Much to their delight, they made it back to California with enough cash to fund their second album, 'Naissance' (released 2007). ZHP's tunes are a frenetic blend of dueling guitars, funky world percussion, and tight three-part harmonies. Sacramento Bee's music critic, Chris Macias, awarded them with SINGLE OF THE WEEK (song 'NWT') - while Press Tribune's writer, Nathan Donato-Weinstein, published The Zoo Human Project as one of the CITY'S BEST MUSIC BETS. Their sincerest critical description comes from Travel Author J. Lustre: "... [ZHP's music] shouldn't make any sense. Jen Cordero's vocal range and oomph are ripe for musical theater. Derek Martinez's acoustic-driven songs are reminiscent of Dave Matthews. And percussionist Kevin Sakamoto takes cues from African beats and funk. But the trio must be musical alchemists because in the end it DOES work...' And so it does, according to independent radio stations and retail chains. Their songs continue to garner airplay across the country, including rotations on YAHOO! MUSIC'S LaunchCast Radio "The Coffeehouse" station (alongside Jason Mraz and Sara Bareilles). Meanwhile, "Innominata" and "Naissance" are distributed through select BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC stores nationally. Perhaps they're onto something new... something different. How did it all begin? Derek adorned his childhood with years of eclectic musical exposure such as The Beatles, Santana, and Pearl Jam. He played in different bands during high school, plus Drumline and Jazz Band - and later won the Las Vegas TV-talent series "StarCaster Live!" (BEST MALE VOCALIST). While finishing his Recording Arts degree from USC, Martinez released a solo album ("PileUP") - revealing his flawless attention to detail, from songwriting to engineering and production. He deftly weaves percussive riffs and brings poignant lyrics to the forefront of ZHP's music. Jen was influenced by genres her older brother listened to: a dissecting array of Broadway musicals, Hip Hop, and Urban AC. Songwriting began in her early twenties, along with learning how to play guitar from a "wonderful book with pictures!" She also won the Las Vegas TV-talent series "StarCaster Live!" (BEST FEMALE VOCALIST), and featured in the showcase "SOCAL'S BEST UNSIGNED TALENT". Her Biology degree from USC lends no help with music theory, but Cordero's natural ear for soaring melodies (and compulsive desire for structure) helps color, define, and amplify ZHP's elusive sound. Kevin's journey began as a child; years of piano lessons heavily ingrained him with musical rhetoric, and a passion for beats blossomed from watching his brother play drums. He dabbled in several garage bands and flourished as Section Leader of his Drumline at Oakmont High School. By developing the uncanny ability to make ANY surface drum-able, he now makes his own line of Cajons. Sakamoto's influences include Chad Sexton, Keith Moon, and Carter Beauford - but he brings to ZHP a very distinct rhythmic flair all on his own, one that he extends to many affluent bands in Northern California. Three roots, one bloom: The Zoo Human Project. They successfully performed three national tours, completely self-booked and marketed grassroots-style. By doubling their profits each consecutive tour through increased merchandise sales and venue guarantees, they understand first-hand what it takes to be thriving, entrepreneurial musicians. Giving back to the community through charities and benefits are also vitally important to them, contributing to: SUSAN G. KOMEN FOUNDATION, LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY, AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, and various academic scholarship funds. This unsigned acoustic trio continues to saturate various college markets throughout the US (COLUMBIA, SCRIPPS, SONOMA STATE, UC DAVIS, UC IRVINE, and more). Their live shows are polished from hundreds of performances - layered with intense energy, fun banter with the crowd, and connecting with fans of all ages through music. They are currently sponsored by DICKIES CLOTHING, and recently performed their unique version of the NATIONAL ANTHEM at ARCO ARENA to over 12,000 people for a Sacramento Kings game. The Zoo Human Project is now recording their third album release in Sacramento, CA. Please check their ongoing concert schedule to catch a show near you!


Artiste: The Zoo Human Project
Titre: Innominata
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 19/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502357844
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