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Surveyor EP

Surveyor EP

  • Par Wilds
  • Communiqué de 04/05/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 10,66 €

Product Notes

'...a vocalist and arranger who seems as assured of his playful strengths as David Byrne in his prime...his art dances and it is the essence and hopefully the future of private expression embracing community.' "A rough-house bitch slap on chugging indy pop." -Three Imaginary Girls 'stands out...captures a freewheeling, lo-fi eccentricity that may remind some of pre-Geffen Beck or a more hyper, unpredictable Folk Implosion.' -Dave Segal, The Stranger - Seattle 'If Napoleon Dynamite hadn't danced to Jamiroquai, he would have danced to this.' -Seattle PI Wilds is the latest shape-shift of Oars frontman and Iran bassist Erin Earl Muehlenbach marking a return to classic songwriting from the usually eccentric composer/producer. Admittedly a ruse, 'Surveyor' eases you into his world gently with pitch perfect guitar songs. Once within firing range his live shows usual arsenal of danceable art-rock always surprises. But what a nice repose 'Surveyor' is. Singles 'Sand and Stone Boys', 'Coaxing', and 'Surveyor' stand alongside early R.E.M., Pink Floyd, Tracy Chapman, Bowie, and Burne as Earl's silvery vocals and guitar work propel us through tales of foul mouthed masons, apartment manager fantasies, invisibilty, and identity theft. Fans of Band of Horses, the Shins, Fleet Foxes, Vetiver, Grandaddy and Will Odham will find much to celebrate here as well. Erin Earl grew up in L.A. skating half pipes and empty pools as Minor Threat, Sabbath, and 7 Seconds blasted from blown out boom boxes. Moving to the North West in the 90's, he sharpened his musical teeth in the skunk hazed basements and house party shows of the burgeoning DIY music scene of Seattle fronting local bands Wimbledon and PlentyFace (Seattle's 10 best DIY recording artists-The Seattle PI). In 2008 he moved to Brooklyn to reunite with Wimbedon guitarist Dave Bratton and form Oars; a melange of tweaked beats, bright vocal harmonies, and shimmering walls of smart, soulful pop instrumentation. The resulting album seamlessly weaved cunning pop melodies into an undulating bed of beats and synths. In 2009 Erin Earl joined Aaron Aites' and Kyp Malones' lo-fi experiment Iran to tour their critically acclaimed 'Dissolver' album. Iran is currently writing a new album due out on Narnack Records. Surveyor is Erin Earl's return to guitar and voice. A deep summer of life song cycle with a mature warmth and more than a little menace in the shadows. A thoughtful reprise as he orchestrates another oddly cut pop gem for this winter.


Artiste: Wilds
Titre: Surveyor EP
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 04/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 643157411635
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