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I Choose to Live

I Choose to Live

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Prix: 15,16 €

Product Notes

About the Campaign The I Choose to Live Campaign was established by SEP, A Resource Company, Inc., recording label, and music production resource firm, based in Pasadena, CA. Inspired by the song, "I Choose to Live", the debut single for label artists, Vessel(s) and the Band, Jonathan DeCuir, CEO and founder of S.E.P was moved to launch the campaign after witnessing the impact both live and studio recordings of the song had on listeners and his own life. Jonathan knew it was a song that would inspire hope, strength and would even save lives. "I Choose to Live" is an anthem of determination...a personal declaration that resolve in choosing to press through challenges and seasons of disappointments in order to fulfill one's purpose and experience the life of abundant blessings that God has promised to each of us. Mission The mission of the I Choose to Live Campaign is to share a very crucial message: There is life in every situation. People today are faced with what may seem to be insurmountable challenges. These situations can leave us filled with a sense of frustration, depression, and hopelessness. For many of us, once we stop believing that we can experience a better tomorrow, "giving up" on our circumstances, our dreams, and our relationships seems to be the only realistic option. Moreover, many individuals are so overcome and depressed by life's disappointments that they have contemplated taking their own lives. Giving up is NOT the only option; however, choosing life is ALWAYS an option! The I Choose to Live Campaign seeks to remind every individual that no matter how difficult the circumstances or disappointments faced, one must remember that God has given to each of us the gift of a life filled with value and purpose. Vision To develop a global community of people that are inspired and who will inspire others to choose to live lives of purpose and fulfillment in the face of distracting, overwhelming, and insuperable challenges or obstacles. One Year Goal: a. To inspire 10,000 people to turn from the options of depression, suicide, and defeat with hopes of making a daily commitment to live. B. To inspire 10,000 people "to live" through free downloads of "I Choose to Live" single by Vessels and the Band and live performances. C. To inspire 10,000 individuals to share personal testimonies of "choosing to live "on the I Choose to Live website and social network pages. About the Song The I Choose to Live Campaign was inspired by the song, "I Choose to Live", the debut single from the sophomore album of the group, Vessel(s) and the Band, a fusion worship ensemble based in Pasadena, CA. Written by Tanya DeCuir, longtime member of the band, Tanya was inspired to write the song after witnessing her mother, Linda DeCuir courageously persevere and overcome a life threatening illness and nearly a year of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Tanya says the song was written to remind herself and others to never give up and to continue to fight in the midst of trials, because "No matter our options, living is always the best option."


Artiste: Vessel(S) & the Band
Titre: I Choose to Live
Genre: Christian
Date de sortie: 11/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 635961167624
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