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One Voice

One Voice

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Product Notes

THE UNIVERSAL GOSPEL CHOIR The UGC is an exuberant community of singers and musicians that honours the music, joy and common ground shared by spiritual traditions around the world. This CD celebrates a quarter century of concerts, workshops and community outreach, disseminating the uplifting power of the world's sacred song traditions. "An impressive 60-member choir, capable of tackling everything from classic black church music and Buddhist mantras to African coming of age songs and Jewish prayers. And all of this multicultural reach is conveyed with absolute authentic love and musical discipline." The Georgia Straight "A multi-flamed blast furnace - the same musical fire amplified and enriched through fifty open, resonant hearts and throats." Tom Sandborn, Columbia Journal Message from Kathryn Nicholson, UGC Music Director My creative collaboration with the Universal Gospel Choir continues to be a wonderful blessing to me. Howard Thurman wrote: 'There must always be remaining in everyone's life some place for the singing of angels... [for] gathered up into this bright light of penetrating beauty and meaning, old burdens become lighter, deep and ancient wounds lose much of their hurting... Life is saved by the singing of angels.' Our musical offering One Voice, by this enthusiastic "singing seraphim," is a celebration of many voices unified in spirit. We hope that this compilation carrying messages of hope, peace, beauty and love from various world faith traditions will be a treasured addition to your audio collection. Message from Rachel Prior-Tsang, One Voice Executive Producer The One Voice project has been a labour of love, because for me the Universal Gospel Choir embodies music's universal connection to the spirit and to our collective humanity. Enjoy this compilation of live and studio recordings representing the last five years of the choir's energy and passion: village chants, funky gospel, and soaring choral anthems-inspired rhythms from a soulful planet. One Voice is a celebration of the UGC's 25 years of community and music making that continues to inspire, uplift, and transform audiences. I would like to especially thank Kathryn N. and Michael M. who have contributed so much of their time and considerable talents along this creative journey. MUSIC DIRECTOR Kathryn Nicholson Kathryn Nicholson brings to the UGC her dynamic and inspirational music direction, along with decades of choral experience in professional and amateur choirs across Canada, including Pandora's Vox and National Arts Centre Choir-in-Residence. Kathryn conveys a deep connection with each song's message, lighting a spark in choir members and audiences alike. In her concurrent career in hospice counselling and music therapy, Kathryn has experienced first-hand the power of music in promoting health, healing and joy. RESIDENT ACCOMPANIST & ARRANGER Diane Lines Diane Lines enjoys a rich artistic collaboration with director and friend Kathryn Nicholson. Vancouver-based keyboardist and vocalist Diane has performed throughout North America, Asia and Europe sharing the stage with such well-known artists as Dal Richards, Bria Skonberg, Michael Bublé, and Gary Fjellgaard. Diane's creative contribution as accompanist, and more recently as arranger to the UGC, spans nearly a decade. Song list: 1. One Voice Contemporary anthem of peace and the power of community Music and lyrics by Ruth Moody, arranged by Kathryn Nicholson Soloists: Rachel Prior-Tsang, Adrian Armstrong, Emily Villavicencio 2. Where Shall I Be Foot stomping, front porch gospel song about life after death Traditional southern gospel, arranged by Kathryn Nicholson Tenor & Bass Ensemble Soloists: Scott Nicholson, Bram Lermer, Chris Fleck, Morning Star Trickey 3. O Mary Don't You Weep Triumph in the face of despair Traditional spiritual, arranged by Brian Tate Soloist: Corinne Brolewicz 4. Do Not Pass Me By Rousing gospel chorus of yearning for spiritual connection Traditional hymn, arranged by John Turk and Richard Dorsey 5. You Are God Sweet morsel of a praise song Contemporary gospel, composed and arranged by Terrance Kelly Soloist: Emily Villavicencio 6. Ma Navu Soaring dance of praise: "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messengers of good news" Translation of Hebrew text from Isaiah 52:7 Music by J. Spivak, arranged by Wendy B. Stuart 7. Rest for a Soul Muslim call to prayer interwoven with the Latin text, "Grant us peace" Traditional Muslim and Christian texts, arranged by Hussein Janmohamed 8. Wonfa Nyem Communal song of celebration and mourning Traditional Ghanaian, arranged by Abraham Adzenyah Ensemble: Jennifer Engracio, Jana Konkin, Adriane Lake, Diana Lamare, Benedicte Schioetz 9. Kwaheri "Goodbye, dear friend, we will meet again, if God wills" Traditional chant from Kenya and Tanzania, arranged by Brian Tate 10. Plenty Good Room Rousing gospel song of glory Traditional gospel, arranged by Brian Tate Soloist: Dawn Pemberton 11. Hlohonolofatsa High-energy sacred chant Traditional Zulu, arranged by L. Bok and N. Konate 12. Didn't It Rain Joyful retelling of an Old Testament story Traditional gospel, arranged by Diane Lines Soloists: Linda Lujan, Chris Horrocks 13. Rock My Soul Hand-clapping choral shout from the soul Traditional spiritual, arranged by Brian Tate 14. Over My Head Powerful declaration of music as a channel to the divine Traditional gospel, arranged by Osby Hodges Soloists: Dawn Pemberton, Christine Best MUSICIANS Phil Belanger drums on tracks 3, 4, 14; percussion on track 8 Stephen Dick drums on tracks 9, 10; percussion on track 9 Rob Ferguson drums on tracks 5, 7, 12; djembe on track 11 Diane Lines piano on tracks 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14; keyboards on tracks 4, 9 Danny Parker bass on tracks 3, 4, 9, 10, 14 Adam Rohrlick guitar on tracks 4, 9, 14; keyboards on tracks 3, 10 Brian Tate djembe on track 9; percussion on tracks 4, 8, 9, Rene Worst bass 5, 12; acoustic bass on tracks 6, 7 Recorded live at Glad Tidings Church on June 9 and 10, 2006, at the Kay Meek Centre on December 8, 2006, and in studio at Mt. Seymour United Church on March 13 and 14, 2010, in the Metro Vancouver area, British Columbia, Canada. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Rachel Prior-Tsang PRODUCERS: Kathryn Nicholson, Michael Marrapese, and Rachel Prior-Tsang MUSIC DIRECTOR: Kathryn Nicholson TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Michael Marrapese CONDUCTOR: Brian Tate on tracks 3, 4, 8, 9,10, 14 PRODUCTION GODMOTHER: Marian Rose RECORDING: Simon Garber, Goldrush Recording ADDITIONAL RECORDING: Paul Baker and David Meszaros, Bakerstreet Studios MIXING: Paul Baker and David Meszaros, Bakerstreet Studios; Simon Garber, Goldrush Recording MASTERING: David Jewer, Audio Voodoo Mastering CHOIR PHOTOGRAPHS: Lia Margueratt, Adriane Lake, Matt Prior, Alistair Eagle at People Shots, Ben Aberle at Dark Chamber Photography DESIGN: Terry Sunderland Graphic Design PRINTING AND DUPLICATION: Spin Digital Media COPY: Rachel Prior-Tsang THANKS TO: The UGC committees, Board of Directors past and present, the volunteer team and choir members for their myriad contributions to this project, especially: Kathryn Aberle Chris Fowles Laverne Gfroerer Anne Harvie Adriane Lake Cory Lake Michael Marrapese Eleanor May Elizabeth Neil Kathryn Nicholson Matt Prior Marilee Roome Marian Rose Cathey Somerville Andrea Smith Brian Tate Morning Star Trickey Alan Zisman FUNDS Funding for One Voice was raised entirely by UGC choir members in the form of loans, donations, and pre-sold CDs. Thank you for your support of this project: Donations: Anonymous Donors Chris Fleck Kathryn Nicholson Jerilynn Prior Spin Digital Media Yvette Vigna Loans: The Acme Delivery Company Anonymous Lenders Chris Fleck Anne Harvie Andreea Stefanovici SUPPORTERS: Thanks to these musical, promotional and organizational supporters of the UGC: Eric Dozier Terrance Kelly Marc Lindy Kaare Long St. Margaret's Cedar Cottage.


Artiste: Universal Gospel Choir
Titre: One Voice
Genre: Christian
Date de sortie: 22/06/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 621365136120
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