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Call Girl EP

Call Girl EP

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Prix: 11,77 €

Product Notes

As an artist, my main focus is to stay one step ahead of the game... As a writer, I can't help but use real emotions to convey my messages... And as a performer, I try to do both as appealing as possible... This is how my first album, 'Call Girl (EP)', came to be. This EP summarizes real events that have happened in my life. I realized during the creation of this album that with popularity comes problems. The more shows I had, the more the 'struggle' became apparent. I grew to understand that the key to avoiding major pitfalls is to take each step with caution and 'Take It Slow'. I soon found that this advice helped, not only musically, but when it came to relationships as well. 'Go' describes the problems I faced with females at the time. As my popularity grew, so did their expectations. I then decided to take it slow from the dating scene and focus on myself and my music. 'Go Hard' symbolizes that moment in my life. It's a song about me (which was my focus at the time), and also a song for the club (which was where you could find me at the time). 'Call Girl' was written to explain what my 'relationships' had evolved into. Simple yet sensual, 'Call Girl (Reprise)' moves the setting from the club to the bedroom. I kept telling myself to avoid attachment, but having spent so much time with certain people, it became harder to fight. Like history repeating itself, I had to once again choose between music and relationships. I soon found myself alone wondering 'Why'. Writing out these problems I created 'Far Away'. This song details my emotional struggle between women and music, and just like each time before, I ended up choosing the latter. At this point in my life, music is my only struggle. 'Don't Stop' defines this, and further shows my dedication to reaching the top. -Troof Be Told.


Artiste: Charles "Troof Be Told" Blankenship
Titre: Call Girl EP
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 29/12/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502344073
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