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Tom Lucas-Millennial Sequence: Verarmter Ubermensc

Tom Lucas-Millennial Sequence: Verarmter Ubermensc

  • Par Tom Lucas
  • Communiqué de 05/01/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 16,77 €

Product Notes

Tom Lucas on the new artwork offered in 3 different choices to the world, titled: TOM LUCAS-MILLENNIAL SEQUENCE Please remember if things get confusing, that you can take one of these interesting looking wallet CD objects, open it up, pull a CD from the sleeve, pop it in your player, and drive to anywhere you please, listening to a CD that makes a great road album for some of us. Plus, it's special to me for so many reasons - one of which is that finally a few of the songs 'completed their emergence' and I got to hear what I always had hoped I would hear when, for example, the song 'Out of Jail' first popped out...but didn't have the elements in the environment to fully express itself. Also this album - especially the American 'jailbreak' edition, just because of the way the artwork was designed and the audience addressed by the wallet CD's packaging and the choice of sub-title, conveys what it feels like to be 'in jail' for me in so many ways. This album has emotional elements that are not present in Red Letter Day of Lifeboats - such as some looking to the future in a topian moment or two, or when I express that deep gratitude we feel near death when we touch into the truth of the incredible gifts we've received....and from so many, such as the two kids I'm about to go play with. Then the end of the album is kind of my farewell song and passing of the torch to the ones who come after who make their appearances for the first time on this Come to Honor You ending, followed by that epilogue which is like panning a camera back until you're looking at that speck in that context that he/I/you/We played in and lived in and sung about. I really am grateful for getting pirated and being given the chance to give you as many of the 'new songs' I saved as I could during that long trek in the wilderness. I figure the next album of 10 guitar songs plus one piano giant of a song will take care of one group. Then if I can, I will give you an album that will have only the ballads that are left which are supposed to get transmitted to you. They really are hymns if any critics notice - in a postmodern style, or more accurately, in a genuine and current shape which is new: They need to be given - after all, I began as a 5 year old singing the old hymns which my Grandma, Lydia, had me sing as her 75 twisted arthritic fingers kept pushing out the notes - she was her church organist for 30 years, so she'll be happy and pulling for that album. That will leave just one last album to sweep up the ones I didn't quite fit into one of these other albums. And If I am supposed to be around and make those survive to reach you I think that album will probably be a little longer as far as the number of songs, but not in any crazy way. Beyond that it's not for me to say...although I confess that I have to avoid my pianos a lot of the time because if I just sit down for a minute there are some songs pushing to get out that I never got to open the door for. So that's up to the One Songwriter. You can think of this album or 'artwork' as a piece of fruit which somebody came out with that has not been grown and eaten before, although you can trust by the look and smell and other things around it, that it might be a new xconcoction of elements that make it taste really good, like the first time I saw and ate a Kiwi fruit. Thank God I got a nice ripe one and not one of those 'picked too early and never had a chance to ripen' before it was whisked away into the new worldwide fruit distribution system, where the chilled conditions etc. Doomed it to taste hard and too acidic and not sweet like locally grown and ripened tomatoes or cherries. So no big deal. My wife isn't fond of kiwi fruit particularly. But last night young Blake made a drink for me with kiwi, lime, yogurt, lemon, some other stuff: It was great, and very TANGY. I think it has potential as a winner for about one in four people; plus it can be used as a purgative, we discovered. Now who would write that in 'album notes'? Surely I would NOT have done so had I been able to make my 3rd album in 1985, just after I'd written a new burst of some of the Best 'Keepers' from that 'one only Artist'. Three from that group are on this album. ...No, you'll find out maybe...eventually...if you want to. Think about that if you can be a friend to yourself and grant yourself the gift of a couple of minutes to do 'nothing', listening to see if there's anything that you enjoy in this new 'toy' or 'fruit' or 'trip' or new psycho-spiritual 'transmission'...or new 'hybrid artwork' that offers you more selected opportunities to find something - a picture, a song, a phrase, a feeling, a new idea, a change in attitude ! - WHAT ? A change in attitude? See...just jump in. I had 25 years to collect stuff and I am NOT the hoarding type, ask my friends if you can find any. I threw away many more songs than I saved of the ones which emerged in the past 25 years. I was very careful not to let some ego-based piece of junk slip through, just to 'add another number' - can you believe people keep score, or try to measure whether the Mona Lisa should be ranked 3 and Guernica ranked 23rd and think there is such as a thing as the 'Number 1 Best Song of All Time'. How ridiculous, although I'll admit 'It's a One-Eyed, One- Something or other Flying Purple People Eateer' is truly the highest ranked song in rfeal life. Wouldn't it be a drag if I threw away the good ones? Just kidding.... This is an imposition, but I'll keep it small: Two requests: 1. Please trust that I am pretty good at being able to tell if a song came from my puny but relentless conniving ego, or whether it is a song from 'Not 'me':, and required of me that I get it to you. Because that's my job, just like my Grandpa's was to grow really great fruit in the Finger Lakes and let the numberless hungry wandering men of the Great Depression stay at his and Grandma's farm for a couple of days, when they passed by, begging for work and something to eat. Which they got: helping with the chores, some moments to not worry so much. My job is no more important than anyone else's job - and I hope and pray it is not that much less important, for your sakes. May every one of us discover and listen to and use that 'one best gift. One Mind! One Life ! One Love ! (But 3 editions or options to having the same CD of songs or whatever they combine into being. Good luck and you can always blame me for anything you like, as well as turn the page and go wherever you please. Believe me, you won't need to convince me you have more than enough good reasons ! And..also, I think I forgot the 2nd thing I wanted you to trust me about.... - Merry Holy-Days and New Year of 2010 !- Tom.


Artiste: Tom Lucas
Titre: Tom Lucas-Millennial Sequence: Verarmter Ubermensc
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 05/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 700261283685
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