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Versatile Viol: Scottish & Irish Music

Versatile Viol: Scottish & Irish Music

  • Par Tina Chancey
  • Communiqué de 01/06/2007
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 16,50 €

Product Notes

When the viola da gamba was created over 500 years ago, no one could have predicted that it would become one of the most versatile instruments in Western music. Multi-talented musician Tina Chancey has spent a lifetime exploring the myriad possibilities of this six-stringed bowed "guitar with an attitude" as a soloist, in a rock band, and with her ensemble HESPERUS. In her decades-long love affair and fascination with the viol (as it is known in short), she has found it the perfect vehicle for virtually every genre of music from Appalachian folk tunes to Sephardic melodies to Renaissance dances and baroque sonatas. The Versatile Viol: Tina Chancey plays Scottish and Irish Music is the first in a series of recordings covering wide-ranging styles from Baroque to blues. Joined by a host of world-renowned musicians, Chancey enchants and enthralls with this collection of music, some danceable, some contemplative, all delightful. Contrasting folk and classical styles, Chancey presents parlor pieces and sonatas by the 18th century composers Turloch O'Carolan, James Oswald and Burke Thumoth, as well as sets of Irish reels and jigs with the late Scott Reiss on whistle, Robert Spates on fiddle and guitarist Zan McLeod. McLeod, harpist Sue Richards and harpsichordist Joseph Gascho also accompany Chancey in some traditional airs and divisions. One striking example of the viol's strength as a crossover instrument is Chancey's stylish version of the anonymous Scottish fiddle variations on Black Jock. Chancey's "early music" roots show in her treatment of the Irish tune Princess Royal that closes the CD; first as a meditative solo performance of the air with improvised ornamentation, then accompanying herself with three overdubbed parts creating a one-woman viol quartet. Related to both the violin and the guitar, the viola da gamba (literally, "fiddle of the leg", because it is held between the player's knees) combines the best features of plucked and bowed instruments; it's tuned like a guitar with 6 strings and frets, but, says Chancey, " the bow gives it the passion and power some people say you can only find in a cello. A player can do slap bass, rolled chords and melodies in three octaves, virtually simultaneously." The next recording in The Versatile Viol series is the January 2010 release of 18th century sonatas by Jean-Marie Leclair on the pardessus de viole, a hybrid instrument combining the best of the violin and viol and played on the lap. Future releases in The Versatile Viol series include an Old Time recording with the HESPERUS Appalachian players, an exploration of Arabic and Sephardic traditions, and a collection featuring improvisatory blues, rock and jazz.


Artiste: Tina Chancey
Titre: Versatile Viol: Scottish & Irish Music
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 01/06/2007
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 700261222226