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Hilariously Humorous

Hilariously Humorous

  • Par Terry Noland
  • Communiqué de 11/05/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,34 €

Product Notes

Slidin' Down the Back Side of Life: Even though it's another birthday song, everyone middle aged or older can relate to this song. It's time we had a birthday song for older folks. Terry wrote this song on his birthday some years ago. You can tell he's on the level, cause his bubble's in the middle. Yes, he's gained some weight in this old life. Take My Love and Shove It Up Your Heart: It's truly another love song, but you have to listen closely to get the the meaning. There is a lot of humor in this song. Do you remember 'Sweet Violets' recorded by Dinah Shore in the early 1950's? Probably not, but Terry did when he wrote this song. June Carter told Terry one time long ago that she wrote a song sorta like this one called 'She Rod Tall in the Saddle Till Her Blister Busted.' I Need To Quit Callin' You Sweetheart: Old habits sometimes are hard to break. Yes, there's a lot of humor in this song too. When she left, she blamed it on him, but he just cannot remember her name. Lord Have Mercy: A prayerful song askin' for a little help. He don't drink, smoke or cuss, unless it's necessary, sometimes he just can't help himself when others get contrary. How true, how true! Somebody's Grandma: Terry has been very successful in life and lucky in marriage. He has four good looking boys and two ex-wive. How lucky can you get? Now that he's a grandpa, all the women look like 'Somebody's Grandma.' Hillbillies From Arkansas: Terry wrote this song during the Clinton presidency. Now you may think it's a bit outdated but it has a lot of humor in it, so Terry decided to include the song in this album. Besides, Hillary is still in politics and may run for President someday. Bloody Bones: As a kid on the farm in Texas, Terry heard the ghost story about Bloody Bones. Terry, his twin brother Jerry and some of his country cousins were sittin' around the fireplace one night. There were no electric lights in the old farm house. The only light came from the fireplace and an old oil lamp. Terry Uncle Alan told the story of Bloody Bones and the legend of the Irish Po-Ta-Toe. The ghost stories made a big impression on little Terry. When he had kids of his own he wrote a series of poems about ghost stories he had heard as a kid. Bloody bone will tickle your funny bones. Uncle Bob: Terry's brother Bob was Uncle Bob to his kids and all their cousins. Uncle Bob was a true cut-up and was always telling jokes to the kids and teasing them. He enjoyed life and brought a lot of happiness to those around him. Uncle Bob passed away January 15, 1997 and of course he thought this way the best song Terry ever wrote. My Get Up and Go, Got Up and Went: I suppose there comes a time in everyone's life when there get up and go seems to run out of gas. Yep, this happened to Terry, so he just sat down and wrote a funny song about it. Now, he's fall of gas again. Itsy Bitsy Pain: In the style of old time rockabilly, his 'Baby Talking' baby was a cutesy wootsy, classy lassy lady who loved Laffy Taffy candy, found herself another, a lovey dovey lover. He was a silly willy, a Tennessee hillbilly and now this Itsy Bitsy Pain is killin' 'em.


Artiste: Terry Noland
Titre: Hilariously Humorous
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 11/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502482690
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