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Saving the Best [Import]

Saving the Best [Import]

(Australia - Import)
  • Par Ted Egan
  • Communiqué de 21/09/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 24,98 €

Product Notes

Saving the Best is an important testament to a much loved and iconic Australian's life in song. Ted Egan is a man who has lived an incredibly diverse range of Australian experiences in his nearly eighty years, and it's all there in his music - the people, the places, the laughter and the tears. True Australian stories, sung from the heart. Ted Egan's recording history began 1969 with 28 albums released, mostly themed around outback life, history and Aboriginal affairs. He is a prolific writer and performer of contemporary folk songs. CD One 'Queensland Opera' features classics from Ted Egan such as 'The Drover's Boy' and 'The Last of the Packhorse Bagmen'. on this disc Ted Egan also wanted to pay tribute to some of his songwriting mates and does a beautiful version of John Williamson's 'Cootamundra Wattle' and Ditto with Eric Bogle's 'It's As If He Knows'. on CD Two, 'The Laughing Game', Ted Egan recalls some amazing songs from a different era with a collection of children's songs across eras and cultures: 'Two Little Boys' is an American Civil War song written in 1902 (Ted incidentally taught this 1969 hit song to Rolf Harris); in between there are songs from the Torres Strait and Arnhem Land, 19th century Ireland, and old English songs including a wonderful version of the Muffin Man which is unlike any other.


Artiste: Ted Egan
Titre: Saving the Best [Import]
Genre: Rock
Attributs: Australia - Import
Date de sortie: 21/09/2010
Étiquette: ABC Music Oz
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 602527446455