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Tangoman Live!

Tangoman Live!

  • Par Tangoman
  • Communiqué de 08/12/2009
  • Music Genre Tango
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,33 €

Product Notes

Starshine. Naturally luminous beyond constellations of the hype manufactured by wannabes and media mavens, the real thing is unmistakable. Tangoman's got it." - Cat Ballou, Woodstock Times "Songs by this Argentinean Aznavour named Jorge Heilpern slither, constrict the heart of any man who has suffered for love. Behind the intimacy and conviction of the lyrics he lives as he sings, there is pulse." - Cat Ballou, Woodstock Times "The intensely focused emotion of his style has drawn comparisons to Belafonte; it's sensual intimacy, to Charles Aznavour." - Kitty Montgomery, Kingston Freeman "Jorge Heilpern is Tangoman, with his acoustic guitar, warm baritone voice and infectious rhythmic style." - Howard Vogel, Woodstock Times "Many of Heilpern's songs are delivered in his native tongue, but they require no translation. Their meanings can be deciphered by the expressions seen on his face, heard in his voice, and felt in his heart. Transcending linguistic boundaries, Heilpern conveys his message through the sheer telepathic power of their emotional credibility. The man is a romantic. - Dennis Dzamba,Metroland "Soothing and warm, yet sparkling with expansive intensity, Heilpern's vocals master the art of restrained sensuousness. Heilpern lives and breathes his lyrical passages, completely immersing himself with their intimacy and totally convinced of their convictions; a man who is comfortable inhabiting his own skin." - Dennis Dzamba, Metroland As spoken and written commodity, Latin is a dead language. But in the extremely capable hands, heart and soul of Heilpern's Tangoman, Latin as musical language remains passionately alive." - Howard Vogel, Metroland "Whether you are dancing all night to Tangoman, the rapturous romantic band of Argentinean singer / songwriter Jorge Heilpern, or viewing Tangoman in solo performance with just his voice and acoustic guitar, you are bound to get your feelings stirred. His music defines those paradoxical, elusive experiences that break your heart and make life worth living." - Dakota Lane, Woodstock Times.


Artiste: Tangoman
Titre: Tangoman Live!
Genre: Tango
Date de sortie: 08/12/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502302219
Ce produit est une commande spéciale