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In Love with You

In Love with You

  • Par Taipei Male Choir & Tang Tien-Ming
  • Communiqué de 04/05/2010
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 19,48 €

Product Notes

This album use sphere recording Technique, when you use headphone hearing this album, you will feel amazing phantom image scene in front of you, not just in your brain. Taipei Male Choir - One of the best male choir album in Taiwan!! In 1989, a group of Taipei Chenggong High School choir-loving alumni launched Chenggong High school Choir for Alumni for the sole purpose of getting together to sing. Many years later, on the basis of concerted efforts, the choir aimed at achieving greater choral accomplishment of delicacy, renamed itself the "Boat Tracker", a symbol of pulling together with one heart and mind. In 1994 came the official name change to Taipei Male Choir. As far as singing is concerned, Taipei Male Choir has dabbled in a variety of choral repertoires, most of which are works composed in the Renaissance, Romantic, and contemporary periods. The choir in particular is masterful of religious choral pieces, and purity, gracefulness, artistry, and passion are fully featured in it's vocal quality and performing style. In quest of excellence of choral art can never stop the choir. Over the last decade, Taipei Male Choir has always been dedicated to rehearsals and performances, having embarked on the vocal journey in the world of choral music. Having taken on the undertaking of male chorus, the choir will continually leave significant, unforgettable footsteps behind, for time and eternity. In Love with You - The First Ablum of Taipei Male Choir by Tang Tien-ming, The Couductor Been established for ten years, Taipei Male Choir becomes a choir with professed level from an alumni's choir with fellowship. With what should we show our appreciation to those who makes efforts here and support us? As Anton Bruckner said, "I cannot find the words to thank you as I would wish, but if there were an organ here, I could tell you." Producting a album for recording the growth of the choir! Please listen to it and you will understand how we thank you. "Ave Maria" was originally scored for solo voice and organ by Anton Bruckner in 1882, and arranged for TTBB Chorus by Trinkley. It expresses the composer's humility and the devotional faith of Roman Catholicism. Francis Poulenc was shocked by the death of his friend and suddenly awakened to the fragility of life, and he re-embraced the Catholic faith of his youth and began composing religious music. "Quatre Petites Prières De St François D'assise" was composed in 1948, and it shows characteristic of Poulenc's music: subtle simplicity and clearness, witty and clever settings with elements of French popular music and striking dissonances that never overpower the melodic line. In 1902, Edward Elgar composed "Five unaccompanied part-songs from the Greek Anthology, Opus 45", which are the best artistic quality among his male choral works. He composed this masterpiece with firm forms, abundant colors of harmony and lively word painting. The original text are chosen from the Greek Anthology and composed after translated in English editions. "Drei Lieder für Männerchor A Cappella, Op.13 "were composed by Hugo Wolf in 1876. His range of flicking moods and emotional depths is vast, especially in the relation to nature. He was always absorbing impressions that were later to be reflected in his music. Johann Georg Jacobi's "I'm Sommer" (In the summer) depicts the sceneries of summer, as the glowing sunlight, the plants with flashing beads of dew, the breeze through the bushes and the music of birds; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Geistesgruß" (the greeting of spirit) draws a solemn and stirring image, isolation, tragedy, self-doubt and self-awareness; "Mailied" (Song of May), another poem of Goethe's, is the story about delightful characters with impassioned love, serenity and happiness. "Zwei geistliche Männerchor, Op. 115" and " Vespergesang Op. 121" were composed by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in 1833. "Beati mortui" (Blessed the dead), it's text taken from Saint John's Apocalypse, expresses the feeling of the serene contemplation of death. Passages for the solo voices emerge from the choral sections. "Periti autem" (The man of wisdom shall flourish) also chosen from Saint John's Apocalypse. The image of the Rights will shine like light from heaven and like stars for eternity. "Adspice Domine" of Vespergesang Op. 121 is composed for three or four male voices and needs a continuous bass sustained by the cello. Mendelssohn first develops the three choir parts, like a fuga. Follows a prayer enriched by the recitatives used as those in the seventeenth century. The responsorial text, sang by a bass voice, brings to the final hymn harmonized following the rules of the Protestant's choral, similarly to Bach's cantata - chorale. "Wait for you until dawn" is Sinkiang folksong about love and arranged for male choir by Qu Xi-xian. "Talimu" in Kazakhstan language means "happiness", and Talimu lake is a very big lake among the mountains and there is a small island in it. It is said that a couple of young lovers' tears turn into the water of the lake. The lap of the waves seems to tell us their miserable but beautiful love story. After listening to our CD, you will see the growth of Taipei Male Choir and realize our devotion to choral music. Let's look forward to the next CD and another ten years.


Titre: In Love with You
Date de sortie: 04/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 4719850848590
Item #: SRD508485
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