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Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air

  • Par Skrap Dawg
  • Communiqué de 20/04/2010
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,28 €

Product Notes

Skrap D.A.W.G. - Adopted By The Streets For me personally, the things I had to endure as a child wasn't something I ask for, instead it was something that just happened. It was a series of events that would take me from hell and back while simultaneously shaping and molding me into the man I am today. So speaking from a different perspective, let me rephrase something I said earlier... The things I went through as a child didn't just happen, they were ordained or designed to take place. I can boldly say I thank God that I'm alive today and in my right mind. When my pops left, my moms done what she could for a short while before having  a nervous breakdown and later being declared missing for a great period in me and my siblings lives. I guess for a while you could say we were orphans. We went from one house to the next before reuniting with my mom years later. But the reunion wasn't quite what we expected. Now although it felt good to see moms again, my family was never the same. At that point, pt2 of  "hell on earth" for us had just begun. I mean everything from physical, verbal, and mental abuse, to starvation (on several accounts), to living in an abandon building where we were without gas, electricity (and later water) for an entire year. Like I said, it was bad and certain things I don't care to even mention. But I will say this, at that point, I think I was running the streets every night hustling, selling anything I could just so my family could eat. Now keep in mind I was only 12 or 13 years old with grown man responsibilities on my shoulders. To me, I found solace in the streets because for a moment I was away from the abuse, the poverty, and all the pain and neglect. But around that same time, I also found solace in a gift I didn't realize I had, " music"! I discovered I had a gift to write and deliver (verbally) what I wrote over certain rhythms in my head. Soon everyone started noticing my gift and before long I became a hot commodity in my surrounding area. See, what I learned in the streets and out of all the things I went through in my life, I just figured out a way to put it all in the music. So now, many years later, after going through other life changing events... me and my music is still in the streets, only difference now is, I RUN THE STREETS, THE STREETS DON'T RUN ME!? Skrap Dawg.


Artiste: Skrap Dawg
Titre: Breath of Fresh Air
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 20/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501302593
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