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And the Choir Fell Silent

And the Choir Fell Silent

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Prix: 6,38 €

Product Notes

'And The Choir Fell Silent' is the second EP release, or 'mini-album' by Seth William Chatfield. While the style established with the 2009 premiere release 'Wake To Dream,' - diverse instrumentation, honest vocals and groundbreaking studio work by tech Tim Mogavero - is still present, this record is more focused on the artist's roots. Raised on Phil Ochs, Richie Havens, The Incredible String Band, and the Mothers of Invention, Chatfield had an early love of the American protest folk - and weirdo rock - song that blossomed over time into inspiration. 'And The Choir Fell Silent' is both tribute and protest - the artist's way of thanking Ochs and those like him - and an attempt to pick up the torch for them in today's cynical world. 'Unlighted Road' tackles issues of cross-generational responsibility, and asks us all to walk i each other's shoes. 'Safe,' the sole departure from the framework of the American folk song, is a shivery walk down the hallway of modern American fear, and the desperate plight of those who feel powerless. 'Mercy of the Drone' very frankly takes on the issue of drone warfare from a unique perspective; 'To Those Who Are Dying' is an anthem for the politically disenchanted and a call to those in power to note that a dead man can't vote...and the record is rounded out with a very emotional, personal song in tribute to friends who have passed on as well as those yet unmet. Musically, this record focuses more on the man-and-his-guitar aspect, but there are still lots of other notes present - including the wheeze of an asthmatic accordion, the pluck of the mandolin, and some inventive takes on percussion. Some beautiful female backing vocals are provided by Sarah Heller on two of the tracks, making beautiful music out of philosophically challenging topics.


Artiste: Seth William Chatfield
Titre: And the Choir Fell Silent
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 06/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501307956
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