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  • Par Sarah Hallman
  • Communiqué de 17/11/2009
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,17 €

Product Notes

Melodic down-tempo album co-produced by Matt Ouimet, mixed and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Bova Sound) Sarah Hallman has already been recognized for her vocal talents, bringing her sombre sensuality to 'Oh My,' her riveting duet with the Hilotrons, and to 'December Song,' with Shannon Lyon. Critics and fans have long-celebrated Hallman's 'vintage vocals' that bring just the right level of emotion - charged and haunting - to these moving compositions. Hallman's been a strong fixture in the Canadian indie music scene and her cameos and collaborations with others (Dave Gaudet, Poorfolk, Octoberman, Discover Kids Television Show, the Durtro Jnana compilation) have not gone unnoticed. But with the release of her 3rd album, 'likely', Hallman reveals her strength as a song-writer and co-producer as well. Hallman has created a finely understated collection of songs that paint a sombre, down-tempo soundscape. Tracks like 'Long way to go' or 'The Water running' are melodic alt. Pop gems in minor tones. The title track 'Likely' and 'Sent Mail' showcase the plain emotive quality of Hallman's vocals, but they are catchy, with just a hint of pop sensibility. In other words, the songwriting is deep and moving without being self-indulgent -- it is full of longing and nostalgia, without getting stuck there. 'likely' is atmospheric, ringingly memorable, and carries the listener through a swath of moods, but it is not at all depressing. Critics noted this quality of Hallman's writing style with her last album, which Fateema Sayani of the Ottawa Citizen described as having "sweetly introspective, darkly funny songs." Caitlin Crockard of Chart Attack and CBC radio says of Hallman's songwriting that it is "world-weary, worn-in, a little sad, but lovely and comforting all the same." Exclaim! Magazine describes Hallman as having "uncommonly good songwriting" of "simple, confident melodies that take surprising turns" -- "a satisfying blend of bouncy and blue" (Rachel Sanders). Hallman co-produces 'likely' with the multi-talented Matt Ouimet, who also plays an impressive range of instruments on the album. Dave Draves also steps in to co-produce a track and perform on the album. Philip Shaw Bova, who has worked with the Hilotrons, Belle Orchestre, Socalled, the John Henrys, the Gentlemen's Club and Clark, among others, mixed and mastered the tracks. The result is a beautifully multi-layered production that highlights Hallman's signature vocal style. The sound is unaffected and direct, but it is not simple. Behind the clear vocals is a woven, textured instrumentation that provides the depth and enduring quality that makes 'likely' memorably atmospheric. The liner notes to 'likely' read like a 'who's who' of the Ottawa music scene and showcase the range of instruments on the album: Matt Ouimet (drums, percussion, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, timpani, tubular bells, string machine, spinning tubes, organ, harmonium); Dave Draves (piano, vibes, melotron, vibes, wurlitzer, string machine, optagan); Dave Gaudet (lead guitar, electric guitar); Adam Fogo (electric bowed bass); Tim Watson (drums); Dean Watson (bass); Brian Simms (lead guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals); along with Hallman's dad, David Hallman, who plays a beautiful French horn.


Artiste: Sarah Hallman
Titre: Likely
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 17/11/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 625989630026
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