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  • Par The Rob Garcia 4
  • Communiqué de 03/11/2009
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 11,91 €

Product Notes

Rob Garcia 4 - Perennial (BJUR 012): 'Rob Garcia wields his sticks like a quill, drumming like a discerning composer. Which he is.' - Jeff Potter; Modern Drummer. On his third recording as a leader (following Place of Resonance - Consolidated Artists and Heart's Fire - Connection Works Records), drummer/composer (and sometimes pianist) Rob Garcia delivers nine compelling originals and a modern version of Ray Noble's "Cherokee" (in thirteen!), that he has been hearing in his head for about ten years. Perennial "pertains to cycles of nature, which we reflect in being human and being an artist", explains Garcia. "Many of the song titles are named after things that grow and things found in nature", however they were chosen much in the same way he chose his first-rate sidemen, and the notes and arrangements of his compositions - simply because they sound good to his ear. Garcia, who has worked with a startling array of top jazz artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Joseph Jarman, Anat Cohen, Woody Allen, Brad Shepik, John Benitez, Chris Cheek, Joe Lovano, Myra Melford, Dave Binney, Ben Monder, Diana Krall, Reggie Workman, Bob Berg, Bill McHenry, Howard Johnson, Sonny Fortune, Bruce Barth, Wycliffe Gordon, Chris Potter, among others, is very much a musician confident in his intuition and highly attuned instinct, as evident in his powerfully engaging drum solos on the CD, and the fact that much of the music on Perennial was composed in a stream of consciousness way. Garcia, who majored in psychology at NYU, and has studied yoga, meditation, holistic healing and spirituality, describes his creative aim and music's healing power, 'music can go beyond the intellect and touch people on a very deep level," Rob explains, 'I strive to integrate all the aspects of my being into everything I do.' Naturally the music on Perennial is informed by the journey and exploration he has embarked on in these areas. The opener "Joe-Pye Weed" (a wild flower) uses a progression of pentatonics, giving it a country feel and "Seasons of Stone" reflects on the deep untouched elements of the human psyche. The title track is a cyclical tune that was written by "just getting my mind out of the way and letting things come", explains Garcia. "A Flower For Diana", and the entire recording, is dedicated to Garcia's late mother. Perennial was born and raised in Brooklyn. The recording is a superb addition to the ever growing Brooklyn jazz canon and a new valuable piece of the multi-faceted soundtrack to this vibrant scene. It features Dan Tepfer (piano), Noah Preminger (tenor saxophone), Chris Lightcap (bass), Rob Garcia (drums, & piano on track 10)


Artiste: The Rob Garcia 4
Titre: Perennial
Genre: Jazz
Date de sortie: 03/11/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501213622
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