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Sol Feather

Sol Feather

  • Par Rich Ryan
  • Communiqué de 26/01/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 11,61 €

Product Notes

The only way to describe Sol Feather is by stating that it is environmental in it's overall message. The first three selections indicate the diversity of this CD. The first is in a Spanish style, the second is Caribbean and the third is rock. Kat Del Rio demonstrates her astounding vocal abilities in the second, 'Let Go.' This woman can hold a note for a while with no diminished tone or volume. She has a set of lungs that don't quit. She can jump octaves with ease and clarity. Her singing is magnificent. It seems that a different part of the composition stood out in each selection and begged for commentary. The first song, 'Listen to the Future,' has synth-generated falling notes that are breathtaking. There is a breakdown with distinctive vocabels that are somewhere between a chant and a hum. 'Put It Back' has a kicking keyboard with out of this world backing vocals. 'Flowing from the Mountains' has nice drums and layering with cool synth work. 'Tribe' has outstanding synth work with storm effects. 'Living in the Garden' has keyboarding in a Spanish style that will blow your mind. 'River is Rising' has superb flute music and awesome female backing vocals. My favorite has to be the hilarious 'White Man's Way.' It had me laughing out loud and wiping tears. I played it several times before I managed to hear it all; each time I started laughing and missed part of it. I am torn between thinking it should be the national anthem and suggesting it could be employed in psychological warfare. It would certainly put the fear of white men into the enemy. This one song is worth the price of the CD! The walking bass, keyboards and drums are ideal for the words. 'Gaia' has the most outstanding composition of all the pieces. It layers so much: keyboards, electric guitar, bells, percussion, vocal effects, wind chimes, wind and thunder. The rhythm changes really stand out. 'Lobo' is a long piece, more than seven minutes with wolf howls that will give you chills. The wolves are layered and move in and out of chorded harmony. It is eerie to hear these animals performing such melodic cries. The percussion is fantastic and the harmony really rocks. I love this CD from the first song to the last. It makes a statement and should impact every listener in a special and highly personal way. This is environmental music at it's finest. There is such a wide variety that there will surely be something that appeals to every listener. By Alicia Karen Elkins Rambles.NET.


Artiste: Rich Ryan
Titre: Sol Feather
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 26/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 764900700124