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Ode to the South

Ode to the South

  • Par Prospect South
  • Communiqué de 13/04/2010
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,09 €

Product Notes

I present to you "Prospect South" Hailing from the South Eastern United States "Prospect South" arrives onto the scene with a fresh take on what we understand as Hip Hop. Prospect South uses his gift of song writing and rhythm as a medium to connect to the masses with a sound that holds no obligation to any specific style, and reflects all ends of the emotional spectrum. Focusing on a positive uplifting flow, PS injects his heart, soul and life experiences into every song. Prospect South says quote "When people learn the lyrics to my music they will be saying something that actually matters. The mind state that you are in affects every aspect of your life. It's easy to do things the wrong way and harder to do things right, that's why I make Harder Music. It's for the people." I present to you "Harder Music" In a world where an artist can be tied down and often limited by what genre it's recognized to represent, Prospect South breaks down the dividing walls that often confine, with what he describes as "Harder Music". Prospect's Philosophy is that the path to becoming a successful musician entails a lot of hard work and isn't always as glamorous as the unrealistic world that is often portrayed in mainstream rap and hip hop. "Harder Music" doesn't describe a specific sound or style, it's a description of the man behind the mic, representing the heart and soul he contributes to his craft. While the industry and underground rap scene alike try to put out the hardest track time after time, the contribution of the album "Ode to the South" will round the way people perceive this genre all together. This is Harder Music.


Artiste: Prospect South
Titre: Ode to the South
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 13/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501311922
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