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For the Record Set Yourself Free

For the Record Set Yourself Free

  • Par Pro SE
  • Communiqué de 27/04/2010
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,12 €

Product Notes

Pro SE: to represent yourself. This album represents a different perspective. It is time for us all to wake up. We need to be concerned about what really matters. It is important to feed our minds with relevant thoughts; these lyrics do more than rhyme because they tell the truth about crime, and they are relevant to our time. We don't need to be distracted by nonsense while our world is in turmoil. We can focus our intentions and create a masterpiece. You can tell an interesting story, without even changing the facts. Having fun doesn't have to make us stupid. You can avoid being arrested when a police officer wants to talk to you. Prison is not cool. You can be successful without ever committing a crime. You can learn how your rights really work, and let them work for you. You can be a man, instead of being 'the man.' You can treat your girl like a lady and be proud of that. This album is intended to be a response to the lyrics that we hear over the radio and in the clubs. This is not an attack on any artist; this is simply another perspective being expressed through music. Too often, the messages of popular music lead us astray of what we are here to do, and to be. Too often, the songs we get stuck in our heads get us thinking negative thoughts, which lead to negative words and negative behavior. While we may not all be therapists or psychologists, we do have eyes, ears and brains; we cannot avoid observing the obvious connections between what we think, what we say and, eventually, what we do. Action comes from our words; words are the results of our thoughts; and that means that our thoughts are creative. What are we creating? What are we saying? What are we thinking -- and why are we thinking that way? Think about that and you have set yourself free. Think about that while you listen to this. Enjoy and Be Well, David Hollander, Pro SE.


Artiste: Pro SE
Titre: For the Record Set Yourself Free
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 27/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 844553030349
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