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Postnatal Rescue

Postnatal Rescue

  • Communiqué de 29/05/2007
  • Film et TV Genre Health & Fitness
  • Format de médias DVD
  • Veuillez prendre note. Sauf indication contraire, tous les BLU-RAY sont des zone A et tous les DVD région 1 encodez. Avant d'acheter, veuillez vous assurer que votre matériel peut lire ces régions. Pour plus d'informations sur le codage de la région, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous :
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Product Notes

The baby's arrived. You're overjoyed, maybe a little overwhelmed, and definitely ready to get your old body back. Erin O'Brien to the rescue! With Erin's 3 invigorating progressions, you can ease back into exercise without hurting or overextending yourself. In just 15 minutes a day, you will rehabilitate your back, abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs, and hips - all the muscle groups affected by your pregnancy and delivery. Erin guides you through each progression and, once you've mastered it, gently urges you to move on to the next challenge. She can take you from the very beginning of your recovery up to one year postpartum. A personal trainer and exercise instructor, Erin O'Brien holds several certifications, including one in pre/postnatal training. She's also the busy parent of two preschoolers with her husband, actor James Denton (Desperate Housewives). Not long ago, she was where you are, and she knows how challenging it can be. That's why she welcomes you into her home and urges you on with her clear, supportive instruction. As Erin says, "Let's get started!"


Titre: Postnatal Rescue
Genre: Health & Fitness
Mettant en vedette: Erin O'Brien
Studio: Acacia
Date de sortie: 29/05/2007
Format de médias: DVD
Note: UNR
UPC: 054961930692
Langue d'origine: ENG
Moment de l'exécution: 57 minutes