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In Defence of the Wild

In Defence of the Wild

  • Par Padma
  • Communiqué de 13/07/2010
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,99 €

Product Notes

ABOUT THE ALBUM In July 2010 Padma follows his widely acclaimed debut album Here, released on Just Music in 2008, with sophomore release, In Defence of the Wild. Inspired by Thoreau's Walden, Padma spent the winter of 2008/09 living totally off grid, in a yurt in the mountains of Spain. He kept a blog while he was there, which attracted widespread media attention and saw him interviewed on national radio shows in the UK (BBC Radio 2 and 3). Now living in a cohousing community in Vancouver, his current blog is regularly featured on The Independent (a national UK broadsheet)'s website. In Defence of the Wild is a collection of songs inspired by Padma's time in the yurt. It smells of wood fires and tastes of freedom. If his first album drew comparisons with Nick Drake, the new one is lyrically closer to the mischievous political poetry of an early Bob Dylan. Sonically, Defence draws on a much wider field of influences than Here, while still playing to the natural strengths of his immaculate vocals and sensitive acoustic guitar work. Nick Drake is still in evidence, but this time we can also hear the upbeat skank of Manu Chau and even occasional hints of Sonic Youth can be heard. With songs like 'Consumers of the World, Unite!', 'Route 666' and 'The Bloke Downstairs', Padma pulls no punches in his comments on contemporary culture. The intimacy and warmth that was characteristic of Here is still very much in evidence, albeit this time focused on issues around Padma's love of the wild places of the world, and his pain at the thought of their destruction. Though dealing with difficult subject matter, Defence is neither a judgmental preach-fest, nor an angry political rant. It is an album filled with love, humour and melancholy (and yes okay, a little bit of anger too). Padma says: 'I'm speaking up for the wilderness, because it can't speak up for itself. But I'm also advocating for that which in us - and in society - is still wild. Wild in the sense that it is untainted and untamed by the urbanisation which is sprawling across our world, suffocating our hearts, and causing so many problems for the planet. 'I like the word 'wild' because it represents a direct challenge to authority and control from outside. This has been a big part of the problem. Some people think of being 'wild' as being without concern or responsibility - like a spoilt celebrity teenager. But for me, wild suggests a natural and heartfelt morality based on true freedom, and a direct connection with both our own nature, and the Earth itself.' Although Padma only arrived in Vancouver in 2009, very quickly he has found himself at the heart of the Vancouver music scene. After seeing Padma's first Canadian show, Lauren Eldridge of Backstage Vancouver agreed to manage him. T.Nile - winner of the Canadian Music Award for Best Emerging Singer-Songwriter - adds her honeyed tones to exert a considerable presence on the album. Other contributors include organist Andy Taylor from UK-based psych-frontiersmen The Dials, and Stefano Reali of Rome's Happy Never After. ABOUT PADMA Padma was born in Sheffield, in the north of England. He likes to move around and currently lives between Vancouver Canada, the UK, and a yurt in the Spanish Pyrenees. He has been a practising Buddhist for 15 years. In 2005, after surviving a near-fatal brain haemorrhage, he decided to leave the city in favour of a more natural environment. He built a yurt and headed for the mountains of Spain. Padma's debut album Here was produced by Holy McGrail (synth and fx for Slomo, Julian Cope, Sunn0))) ). It was released on UK indie label Just Music in 2008. Here received some excellent reviews and Padma played sessions and was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 and 3, as well as touring the UK. Song for an Entryphone, the second single from Here, was Julian Lennon's Pick of the Week for Below Zero - a California radio station. It was also used in the soundtrack of the award-winning film Bigboy_74, which was shown on MTV. In 2008/09, Padma spent his second winter in the yurt. Inspired by Thoreau's Walden, he kept a weekly blog, sharing his experience of life on the mountain and his reflections on society. It was during this period that the songs for In Defence of the Wild were written or conceived. Padma currently lives in a cohousing community in Vancouver.


Artiste: Padma
Titre: In Defence of the Wild
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 13/07/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 859703564612
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