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  • Par Pad
  • Communiqué de 15/09/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 19,55 €

Product Notes

The Pad: iconoclastic Singer-Songwriter aesthetic with healthy doses of Ambient, Experimental, Improvisation and Humanity. Think Brian Eno meets 1970s Stevie Wonder, add a touch of Sonic Youth, a bit of Joni Mitchell, and a pinch of Pharoah Sanders with a side of Bernie Maupin. Songs emerge from soundscapes, short pieces alternate with slowly developing works, words matter, playing speaks, noise screams, soulful vocal harmonies bring you here, ethereal voices take you there. =================================== Strange, but in a good way. The Pad (q-tone/HazelEye Media) by multi-instrumentalist writer/producer The Pad (real name Gene Bryan Johnson) is a collection of songs written over more than 30 years. With some justification he fancies himself a mad scientist, creating art without the annoying pressure of marketplace considerations. This approach has resulted in nine unique concoctions that, both individually and collectively, seem to transcend time in a way that is simultaneously nostalgia-laden, modern and futuristic. It is a work that is sometimes soothing, sometimes jarring and sometimes a little strange (ok very strange), but it will also make you smile at the most unlikely moments and maybe even stir up those long forgotten feelings you'd buried after that first heartbreak. One standout track is "Hanging Upside Down on a Train," a collaboration with singer/songwriter HazelEye, who happens to be his college-age daughter. Unrepentant explorers such as The Pad often work with more conventional pop-oriented artists to help us mere mortals understand their artistic point of view. This nine-minute epic accomplishes that goal and then some. "Hanging Upside Down on a Train" is a masterful production-an arrangement of acoustic guitars, piano, ethereal vocal harmonies, spoken words and sound effects that depict a socially conscious girl's disillusionment with love, her coming to terms with a personal betrayal and an unfailing belief in her own ability to change the world despite her loss of innocence. HazelEye grounds The Pad in a way that might help him reach a more mainstream audience and, as with all successful partnerships, it is hard to tell where the father ends and the daughter begins. "Welcome To My World," the final and longest track at 13:46, begins with The Pad's beautiful Spanish-influenced guitar in unison with his eerie voice as it hums a minor key-based melody that evokes the best of Alfred Hitchcock's emotionally unsettling mood portraits. More composition than song, this piece is a mysterious journey through field recordings of birds, the cries of an orphaned baby seal, various otherworldly sounds and textures, and atonally-aggressive bass clarinet improvisations (by Germany's Karsten Fritz) that resolve into an ethereal atmosphere of electronically processed textures that call to mind a sunlit fresh water pond in the midst of the darkest jungle habitat. Other favorites are "Twinkle," a refreshingly honest expression of feeling that uses unusual time-signatures to portray the shifting nature of newly discovered love; the title track, another deep and timbre-intense view into The Pad's strange (there's that word again) mind; and "Babycakes", a quirky world-pop ditty built around a shaker, acoustic guitars, cello and horns. The Pad is an ironic work. Possibly because of his eclectic approach-singer/songwriter, ambient, experimental, and improvisational-The Pad is easy to listen to, yet not Easy Listening; challenging, yet comforting; wise, yet optimistic. This is not art for everyone but there is something for everyone here. Production New York: Em and Ay, September 2009.


Artiste: Pad
Titre: Pad
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 15/09/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502162592
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