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(Extended Play)
  • Par One Truth
  • Communiqué de 18/04/2009
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 9,40 €

Product Notes

"One Truth approaches lyric and music unlike any other artist I've met or worked with; he doesn't care. He doesn't care what people think about his forthright points or what they may think about his 'in your face' lyrics; and because of that, he succeeds at what he does. Not only does his talent speak instantly upon the arrival of anyone's ears for itself, but One Truth defines that talent with his daily example. Truly a one-of-a-kind artist." Andrew Carlton Producer/Billboard Charting Artist Nashville I met Jahmal during GMA week of 2009 in Nashville. I was working with a TV crew doing artist interviews for JCTV and he was in town with (Christian Hip Hop artist) Only Won. I think the very first impression I got from Jahmal was 'Truth'. This dude doesn't just call himself One Truth, he is One Truth. Every word from his mouth is honest and real. People throw around the word 'legit' a lot but they don't have a clue what it means. Jahmal is legit. Working in an industry where all I heard around me was arrogance, vanity and false intentions it was definitely refreshing to meet someone who used their gift for the good of the Kingdom the right way, with Truth. One Truth is positive, uplifting, encouraging, and funny! 'All my peers like Johnny Depp, they thinking sleepy and hollow.' That's hilarious. But guess what, it's also true. Are you seeing the trend? Jahmal speaks truth regardless of what people want to hear. He's not satisfied letting people get comfortable in mediocrity. He wants to push them to be better, to be real, and to be truthful. And He's done that for me. Listening to tracks like 'Cause for Alarm' and 'Cannot Close My Eyes' have challenged me and done a lot for my self-confidence and faith in myself. But to be honest with you, I could talk all day about Jahmal's talent, ability, and craft, but you have to experience it for yourself in order for it to have an impact. It's like the difference between KNOWING the wind can blow at 100mph and actually FEELING it, experiencing it. Do yourself a favor and experience the wind, expose yourself to real Truth. Stephen Galiher Youth Pastor One Truth is not a positive rapper. He is an artist who brings change through truth, and you should make sure that the masses understand that distinction. Michael Sechrest Emmy Nominated Music Producer/Songwriter The music of One Truth has drastically changed my perception of the entire Christian Hip Hop genre. Before, I saw it as a fun, yet useful tool to reach out to an often forsaken faction of young Christians. But the amazingly rich sounds, lyrical creativity, and scriptural integrity of the project 'Overtime' has opened my eyes to the genre and stirred me to move with a much stronger and calculated stride in my walk with Christ. Patrick Q. Brown Associate Pastor New Life Christian Center Visual Artist One Truth. Definition: 'No compromise'. One Truth's message is just that - no compromise. In an age where it's popular to explore 'many truths' or 'your truth isn't my truth', it takes boldness, submissiveness, wisdom, humility, & even creativity to rightfully proclaim the one truth that we all must hear. Whether we like it or not...believe it or not...truth is 100%. 99% is not good enough & implies falsehood. When you listen to the music, and even more importantly, when you understand the man, you will find that One Truth is indeed 100%. Baldwin Chiu/Only Won National Recording Artist Actor The music: Real good. (It contains complex) instrumentals with strings, keys, drums, and a wide variation of sounds. Lyrics: Smooth. Easy listening, clear's catchy. The music is nicely packaged with great production. Though I like the music, the lyrics, and the instrumentals, the major appeal for me is the driving force behind message. (It's) the spirit behind the music. One Truth's music is not just rap with Christian words or quotes that would allow it to fall under the category of "Christian Rap". The music is intended to REACH those who hear it and show that God's truth goes deeper and beyond life. It does this by sending a message of Hope, encouragement, and exhortation, pointing to Gods goodness through personal testimony and observation and recollection of obstacles many people face in their lives. Tosin Ladeinde Urban Developer One Truth brings intelligence and lyrical depth to a musical genre that often treads in clichés. More importantly, he has been blessed with much wisdom from God and has a humble heart to serve others through His gifts. He is someone that understands The Great Commission and embraces his part to fulfill it. Larissa Lam CEO LOG Records Host JCTV's Top 3 One Truth has tremendous talent, a tremendous heart, and great presence when he performs. It's refreshing to hear hip-hop that is from the heart and head instead of just expressing the same tired old tales of the sexual escapades of hip hop artists. One Truth is inspiring because he expresses hope and joy in a medium fraught with too much depression, drugs, and dissin' others - and I don't mean a trite hope or joy, but hope that has depth, and hope that carries echoes of redemption. Rev Joel Pelsue President - Arts and Entertainment Ministries The music that God has gifted One Truth with is very inspiring. It uplifts the mind and spirit and makes you think on levels that a lot of music doesn't. I look forward to when this music reaches the world, because the truth will set many people free! Aretha Hill Producer Singer/Songwriter.


Artiste: One Truth
Titre: Overtime
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Attributs: Extended Play
Date de sortie: 18/04/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 0786851652369
Ce produit est une commande spéciale


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