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Took Off Running: Race & Culture Along the Turnpik

Took Off Running: Race & Culture Along the Turnpik

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Prix: 17,18 €

Product Notes

Took Off Running: Europeans and African-Americans traveled through or landed in north central West Virginia, working on the Turnpike, the railroad, and building Weston's massive Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum of hand-cut stone. Others worked in homes, farms and factories. Gypsies and Jesse James traveled the Pike. Cultures united and collided. Slaves worked in local inns and as secretive conductors on the Underground Railroad to freedom. Witness the drama of human courage as immigrants and slaves struggled to free themselves, assisted by brave allies. Climb up and downstairs to glimpse the impressive architecture and inside life of Parkersburg's finest homes, through the lens of black and white experience. And dance to the rhythm of some of West Virginia's best homemade music. Music for "Took Off Running" 1. Letters from My Father (Trad.) -Ginny Hawker 2. Paddy on the Turnpike (Trad.)-Andy Fitzgibbon (f), Greta Van Doren (b) 3. Rolling Home (Trad.) -Heimat Deine Lieder, Waterkant, Solist: Sven Jensen 4. Lost Girl (Trad.) - Jimmy Tripplett 5. John Henry (Trad.) - Robbie Carruthers (f), Joe Herrmann (b), Michael Kline (g), John Lilly (bass) 6. Sheebeg and Sheemore (Turlough O'Carolan) - Michael Kline (lead g), Carrie Kline (backup g) 7. Patchwork (David Norris) - Carrie Kline and Hanna Thurman (v), Michael Kline (v &g), Bill Gorby (bass) 8. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Trad.) - Chenell Coppock 9. Jesse James (Trad.) - Swanagan Ray 10. Little Rose is Gone (Trad.) -Jimmy Tripplett 11. Jim Beckworth - Composed and performed by Peter Kosky 12. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Trad.) - Shirley Swann 13. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (Trad.) - Carlita Lynch 14. Steal Away (Trad.) - Portion of Voices of Triumph Community Gospel Choir 15. Wade in the Water (Trad.) - Chennell Coppock 16. Dead Man's Hollow - Composed and performed by Robert "Mike" Evans 17. Ezekial Saw the Wheel (Trad.) - Chennell Coppock 18. Gold Rush (Trad.) - Swanagan Ray 19. Get on Board Little Children (Trad.) - Portion of Voices of Triumph 20. Bonnie Blue Flag (Trad.) - R.P. Hale, hammered dulcimer 21. Cake Walk - Composed by Seth Young and members of Elkins High School Rhythm Band: Seth Young (keyboard), Joey Hochgesang (g), Charlie George (bass), Caleb Gartman (drums) 22. Rhythm Jam - Elkins High School Rhythm Band Voices (In order of first hearing) Noel Tenney Steve Lehew John Law Joy Stalnaker Paul Borelli Duke Talbott Nancy Allman Frank Williams Ray Swick Eleanor Rinehart Jo Ann Hefner Damon West Mary Garrell Freda Morris Phil Sturm David Scott Jim Haught Winnie Murray Sandra Burke Betty Lutz Fran Davis Ralph Davis David McKain Katherine Brown Richard Cook.


Artiste: Michael & Carrie Kline
Titre: Took Off Running: Race & Culture Along the Turnpik
Genre: Spoken
Date de sortie: 24/11/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 700261280806