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Beautiful Light

Beautiful Light

  • Par Mary Rae
  • Communiqué de 05/01/2010
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 15,16 €

Product Notes

The Beautiful Light is a collection of music, composed by me, that ranges from contemporary classical to lyrical pop. The title song came to me complete in a dream. The dream was so vivid--I won't describe all the people involved, but will only say a famous musician was there, and everyone was listening to this beautiful song--in my dream it was sung by a young man who had died some years before (though his identity was never clear to me in the dream). The song was so affecting, so beautifully sung. I remember waking and thinking over the dream--it didn't seem possible I could ever forget the melody and I was tempted to go back to sleep. But I dragged myself up--it was the middle of the night-- and went straight to my piano and grabbed a pencil and some music paper. I think it was about 4am when I returned to bed. When I finally woke up that morning, I couldn't recall the melody, but knew I had written it down. It was in strange musical shorthand that I sometimes use when I'm in a hurry, but was all there. As soon as I played the piece it was like magic to me. I had been working with my friends Jorge Guzman and Stephanie Mair of Amereida, fabulous musicians as well as studio engineers, and took the piece to them right away. Stephanie's voice and Jorge's flute brought the dream back to life. Many people have told me that the song speaks to them. It seemed a natural way to pull all my other compositions together--and so, the album became The Beautiful Light.


Titre: Beautiful Light
Date de sortie: 05/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502350173
Item #: SRD235017
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