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Consciously Creating Wellness

Consciously Creating Wellness

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Prix: 19,41 €

Product Notes

The external world is so stimulating. The images that we take in through our eyes, ears and other senses influence our state of mind. Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many ways to multitask and connect with others through media and technology. At times, it can overstimulate to the point that we feel like we're on overdrive, unable to be calm, think, rest, or even sleep. This music meditation guides your focus inward to create a quiet environment of healing and wellness within. Inspiring music was composed specifically to calm your spirit, quiet your inner world and gently encourage healing images to develop. Guided narration activates your creative imagination to help reestablish balance, well-being and a sense of inner harmony. Created by music therapist/counselor/guided imagery & music specialist Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, this narration and the music that frames it has been tested over time with clients and patients. Follow the directions and you will be meditating your way to wellness. The focus is first on conscious breathing, followed by the image of relaxing light and color flowing through your body. Then imagine that the liquids, foods, medications or supplements that you take into your body help to support, nourish, replenish and build your immune system. Finally, relax and meditate with music only, created specifically to support your images and bring you to a deep sense of peace. You may invite other images of healing, health or wellness to come into your awareness such as warmth, love, a healthy immune system or focus on a specific part of the body. Your imagination is limitless so be creative! Then allow the images to flow as the music continues. Use this recording daily as a tool to create optimal wellness. Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, MA, MT-BC, LPC, FAMI, has 14 years of experience as a Board-Certified Music Therapy]ist. She is also a counselor, musician, singer, drum circle facilitator and songwriter. Louise incorporates Guided Imagery & Music, mandalas, and counseling into her music psychotherapy work, wellness workshops and presentations. She maintains a private practice in Chicago and also is a music therapy oncology specialist at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. She is co-owner of Mitran Mitran Music in Chicago. Sublimely elegant, I love it! -Karen DeNeve, Downers Grove, IL The voice and flutes are so intertwined it's hard to tell them apart. I really felt relaxed. - Wendy Kopald, Chicago.


Artiste: Dimiceli-Mitran Louise
Titre: Consciously Creating Wellness
Genre: New Age
Date de sortie: 27/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 712396028529
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