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LIVRAISON gratuite sur tout!


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  • Par Drumeva Lilly
  • Communiqué de 09/03/2010
  • Music Genre Country
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,93 €

Product Notes

About this album: "Lovin' you" is almost a "Live" album. It represents what you will hear, when you attend one of my concerts. It is a mixture of bluegrass, country, swing and Bulgarian folk music. That's where my influences lie. It was recorded in two countries: Bulgaria and The Czech Republic. For the bluegrass repertoire (tracks 1-9) I went to Prague and recorded with one of my favorite European bands "Monogram". Among these 9 tracks are also 2 duets with Monogram's singer/guitarist Jakub Racek. In Sofia I recorded with my home band "Lilly of the West" (tracks 10-15); we focused on 2 Bulgarian folk songs and some country & swing. Since this album is designed not only for the knowledgeable bluegrass listener, I have included some information about each song and it's author (courtesy of Wikipedia). For those of you, who are coming across my music for the first time, here's a little bio. I grew up in Bulgaria (a small country in the south-eastern part of Europe), but lived in many other European countries: France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the UK. I picked up different languages and studied many cultures. With a degree in economics, I had worked for several years in finance and tourism, until, one day I discovered music. My passion for bluegrass, country and folk came 15 years ago, when I first heard Emmylou Harris' "Live at the Ryman" CD. I embraced it and began to study it thoroughly; learned to play guitar and sing. I formed a band and named it "Lilly of the West". Bluegrass & country music became my life, my passion. I love it so much, that I feel it is my mission to promote it everywhere I go, especially in the Balkans, a place where bluegrass & country music hardly exists. I promote it through my concerts and the programmes I host on Bulgarian National Radio and TV. Lilly Drumeva Jan 2010, Sofia.


Artiste: Drumeva Lilly
Titre: Lovin'you
Genre: Country
Date de sortie: 09/03/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502372908
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