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  • Par Jordan Leon Jr.
  • Communiqué de 06/10/2009
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,28 €

Product Notes

To Know Leon Jordan Jr. is to appreciate great depth in creativity and pursuit mastery of the trumpet. His latest recording effort reflects a vast array of styles that exceed the boundaries of traditional and contemporar y jazz. This assembled a cast of amazing musicians to tell the story that is the brainchild of Leon's wonderfully innovative mind. Following the release of the self titled Debut CD,"Leon Jordan Jr. "in 2005, Leon is in a drastically different place in his life. Since graduating from University of the Arts in June 2009, Leon has been steadily composing, recording and has done work with Music Soul Child, Bilal, Maysa, and Kindred, the family soul. While diligently working on his current release, " Breakout", due at the end 2009. The Philadelphia experience continues to profoundly influence the current direction of Leon Jordan's music. This recording is immediately more urban and in your face than previous recordings, reflecting a conflicting world view. It's sophisticated and down and dirty. It's pure raw, and unapologetic, yet refined and thoughtful. The pure genius of "little brother" and drummer, Jovon Jordan probably best understands Leon as a composer and clearly demonstrates the textures and dynamics needed to bring these songs to life. If there were a perfect feel or groove to be found, Gerald Veasley would own it. He's amazing on this record. Being on stage or even in the same room with saxophonist Greg Riley is to experience a master at work. He quietly goes about his business very matter of fact. Greg is methodic and unassuming until the notes begin to flow from the bell of his sax. He seems to never run out of brilliant ideas. Mike Boone swings as hard as anyone on the planet and his contribution to this record is immeasurable. The natural chemistry that exists between Joshua Richman and Leon could never be manufactured or duplicated. He is an outstanding pianist and and greatly underrated gift to the world. Kurt Rosenwinkle has a style and sound that is so uniquely identifiable, that he was the perfect choice for this project. A chance meeting that proved to be destiny and changed the course of the record. Luke O'riley, simply said, pure heart and soul ! Leon Jordan Jr. began playing trumpet by chance at the age of 10 in elementary school.


Artiste: Jordan Leon Jr.
Titre: Breakout
Genre: Jazz
Date de sortie: 06/10/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501194310
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