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Sharp Silence

Sharp Silence

  • Par Le Titre
  • Communiqué de 15/12/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 9,62 €

Product Notes

'For most people the early twenties are the time to choose what to do with the rest of your life. Either music has been a nice past time and your real life starts now, or now is when the music starts for real. For me it's definitely the latter. It is my right to convey that feeling on stage, I think.' The words of Sofie Letitre, a talented singer/pianist and songwriter of which so many seem to walk around these days. Until you hear the music. Her new band Le Titre, a continuation of the locally successful Damstardeep, has everything in it to become a famous alien. One like Radiohead, The Dresden Dolls, Tori Amos... Quite a schizophrenic alien that is; one that at times overwhelms the audience with ugly black musical spit and next seems transformed into the well-known swan. And thus will never leave the listeners' minds again. Indeed, quite different than we're used to. A couple of open-minded musicians (the word 'top artist' lost it's meaning in the over usage for monotonous domesticated tune-barfing nerds with scarce facial hair), and a girl wearing cute dresses, with a friendly face, and a voice... A voice! If there existed such a thing as lover girls, Sofie Letitre would be their queen: with a sensitive ballad she lures the audience into her web, only to next mercilessly smother them with an overwhelming bombast. And you can always seek for the extra layer, striking for exactly that what makes an artist a real artist. Never can you really put your finger to it, but she means more with songs like Resist and Overdone. If you can handle it; guaranteed catharsis. If you can't; luckily Sky Radio exists. This is my way of communicating with the world, and I don't expect an answer.' Clear language. What else to expect from a woman who grew up amongst her father's Frank Zappa-collection and couldn't be dragged away from the piano since she was twelve years of age. Still, and fortunately, her manic-depressive monologue didn't go unnoticed. The band started playing together in Oktober 2008. The first (live) recordings took place a month after birth and were followed by a year of playing live almost every week (Five times on the Eurosonic festival, Gideon Festival, Oosterpoort, Take Root festival Preparty, Burgerweeshuis, Geinbeat Festival, Simplon) and a few radio performances on stations like Ultra Radio (Russia), V-Radio, Radio Rijnmond and Radio 2. So what next? "We hope to find our way abroad and combine travelling and making music. It's very interesting to experience different audiences". The second recording is the EP "Sharp Silence". Six songs that will take you by the hand through an occasional summer breeze or.... The smothering Le Titre hand around your neck.


Artiste: Le Titre
Titre: Sharp Silence
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 15/12/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 8715143494440
Ce produit est une commande spéciale