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Music Inspired By the Television Series Prison Bre

Music Inspired By the Television Series Prison Bre

  • Par Sorensen Jon
  • Communiqué de 11/05/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 24,25 €

Product Notes

'You are the best'. (Ken Russell, April 2010). Jon Sorensen is a film-maker and composer with 11 music albums currently available. 2012: The 11:11 Cool Beans: Gods and Gothics The Core Of Dreams Jon Sorensen's The Visualist Jon Sorensen's This Island Earth Jon Sorensen's The Year Of The Alien Soldier Jon Sorensen's The Ken Russell Jon Sorensen's Witch Symphony Jon Sorensen's The Death Of Grass Jon Sorensen's The Raft Of The Medusa Music Inspired By The Television Series PRISON BREAK He has written and directed A RETURN TO LOVE for British television and his indie Feature Film ALIEN BLOOD. In 2009 he composed the music for 4 feature documentaries, (ALIEN MAKERS), made by Dennis Lowe on the making of the orginal ALIEN (1979). He also composed an album of original music, ALIEN 5, which is free to download on the internet in celebration of that film's 30th Anniversary. Sorensen started his film adventures as a visual effects model maker on ALIEN working alongside Dennis Lowe and Ridley Scott. MUSIC INSPIRED BY THE TELEVISION SERIES PRISON BREAK is a result of Jon Sorensen's being mesmerised by that totally music-driven, landmark, four season U.S. show. Two long, highly driven, immersive music tracks to galvanise and accelerate your day. Enjoy and remember PRISON BREAK. 'This and my EP Singles THE KILLING OF MOBY DICK, THE STRANGE CASE OF DOCTOR JEKYLL AND MR HYDE and JON SORENSEN'S FRANKENSTEIN, bring full circle a blueprint 3 year music project in which I wanted to express musically all I had to say in that creative area. It's done, and with the exception of the planned re-issue of my RENDLESHAM FOREST debut album and the release of the already completed third part of my WITCH trilogy, this brings this intense project to it's planned conclusion. May these 11 albums and 9 EP's continue to inspire you '. 'There's a beginning to I guess there has to be an end to it'. (Orson Welles in The Lady From Shanghai). Jon Sorensen, 3 May, 2010.


Artiste: Sorensen Jon
Titre: Music Inspired By the Television Series Prison Bre
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 11/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502480412
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