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Nights of Sweet Red Wine

Nights of Sweet Red Wine

  • Par Jim O'Keeffe
  • Communiqué de 23/02/2010
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,51 €

Product Notes

From blues to big moody ballads and on through to a classical piece featuring cello, harp and orchestra, this is an album with something for everyone. Once again Jim's guitar playing features to the fore on some tracks but on this occasion he has wandered down lots of little side roads of life with some very interesting stories to tell. You will be pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of music on this album. 'Nights of sweet red wine' is a collection of 11 new diverse tracks. Opening with a classic blues number 'Glimmer man' with Jim's unique blues guitar style to the fore and progressing through some big moody ballads such as 'If wishes were bridges' and 'Nights of sweet red wine' (the guitar outro on this just has to be heard) and on to the 'Ballad of Eli Clayton' featuring Jim on some hillbilly guitar and banjo. Track 10 'Aurora' is an amazing milestone in Jim's musical career as it is his first classical composition with a big moody cello solo throughout. This album has a special bonus track...a totally unplugged version of 'How do the lonely survive' featuring Amy O'Keeffe and Jim on vocals...this one's a gem. All tracks written, composed and performed by Jim O'Keeffe. Guitars, vocals, keyboards, harmonica bass and drum programming : Jim O'Keeffe HERE ARE SOME COMMENTS MADE ON JUST ONE TRACK FROM THE CD I LOOVE IT~! ' Nights of sweet red wine ' is AWESOME~! and I will be shopping. The song ('Nights of sweet red wine') is just so beautiful, Jim! It feels, somewhere deep inside, just like Red Deer has always felt when I listen. It will be another one of those 'places I go' for a very long time. I wish you so much luck with this CD, and I'm anxious to hear all the tracks. You are leaving your mark, you know ... :) Your new song ('Nights of sweet red wine') is amazing!! You are very talented and I always enjoy listening to your music. 'Nights of sweet red wine' is Sweet and Sexy! Makes you want to grab a slow dancing partner for dancing and ....more! Just listened to your song 'Nights of sweet red wine.' What a beautiful song, can't wait to get this CD from you. You're the man with the haunting voice. Let me say, you have some great back-up singing on this song also. Awesome, well done my friend, you have done it again Jim!!!!!!! Listening to your new song as I type this...LOVE 'Nights of sweet red wine'. Love the song and love the guitar playing ~just beautiful~ you are a wonderful have such a unique sound.... it's like going home, after being gone for so long. Can't wait to get your CD this really seems special! You put so much of your heart into it....that makes it so paint a picture with your music. I've just had a listen to 'Nights of sweet red wine' and I can't think of a better way to spend a cold dark night after a long hard day...than to spend it with you and a glass of that certain vintage... What a GREAT song! You just keep on improving (like the wine) (sorry about the pun) I am now suitably mellowed.... and off to listen to it again....I love the melody and those bluesy sounds... can't wait for the new CD!


Artiste: Jim O'Keeffe
Titre: Nights of Sweet Red Wine
Genre: Blues
Date de sortie: 23/02/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502380521
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