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Life of My Own Choosing

Life of My Own Choosing

  • Par Jill Detroit
  • Communiqué de 20/04/2010
  • Music Genre Easy Listening
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,24 €

Product Notes

This is the second album from a prolific composer/performer whose work can best be described as 'fusion' because it has elements of pop, country, folk, rock, and light jazz. Each song is it's own microcosm, inviting listeners to look into their own hearts and tap into their own experiences of love, heartache, pride, and acceptance. The title song, 'Life of My Own Choosing,' a Joni Mitchell-esque tribute, describes a journey of self-discovery that culminates in a credo of independence. 'Mother and Daughter' is the quintessential parent-child love song and features Jill's own daughter, Emily Goeke, who turns in an unforgettable soulful performance. The other duet on the album, 'It Doesn't Matter,' featuring Bill Bentley, Jill's multi-faceted producer/arranger/engineer/band, proffers a philosophical acceptance of a partner's individuality. The upbeat jug band groove of 'Alice' evolves into the vintage Patsy Cline feel of 'I've Loved You All My Life.' The album opens with the dark synthesized tones of 'Nothing For Me Here' followed by the 12 string Byrds-like solo in the classic pop-rock song, 'Got to Write This Letter,' which features performances by Pat Schrein and Bill McKinney, two Detroit-based musicians with whom Jill has performed and recorded during her tenure in the Detroit clubs. 'A Lesson Learned, ' is classic Eagles rock and reminds listeners that, while some wounds may never fully heal, the real test is how we cope with renewable disappointment. Warning: 'Close Your Eyes (and go to sleep)' is a tear-jerker, and Jill's emotional performance underscores the unimaginable agony of experiencing the loss of a child. But don't fear: Jill's optimism surfaces to end the album with the hopeful anthem, 'In the End,' where she is joined, once again, by Bill McKinney and Pat Schrein. This album follows the release of Jill's first solo CD, 'Paris on the Brain,' which included songs from a musical Jill co-wrote with her brother, Scott Phillips, a Michigan-based playwright. Look for more releases as JIll embarks on a journey to memorialize the dozens of songs she has written over a career that has known her as Jill Phillips (real name), Ruby Lipps, and Larrice, as a jingle singer, background singer, solo artist, duo, trio, band member -- you name it. Listen to the album and get to know the real Jill.


Artiste: Jill Detroit
Titre: Life of My Own Choosing
Genre: Easy Listening
Date de sortie: 20/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501314176
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