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  • Par Jeno
  • Communiqué de 01/06/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 18,37 €

Product Notes

Feeling compelled to always do and be something more while growing up in North Atlanta, Jeno found her reason and herself immersed in music. Awarded a scholarship while attending North Springs High School, it seemed though she already had chosen her future, or rather her future had already chosen her. With her loyal friend in tow - a six string guitar, she wrote songs with any aspiring musician. Being quietly stubborn, Jeno set out with head-strong determination. She wanted to learn and was always willing to listen no matter the music genre. Albeit, she was 16 at the time. Most notably, influenced by Incubus, The Police, Mana, The Beatles, Lincoln Park, Jeno was on her way to finding her own style. As well it seemed, no matter how difficult times were, encouragement waited around the corner. Appearing at just the right moment, a Grandmother or a fellow musician marched her onward in her musical journey. Her style, her uniqueness, her voice overcame any regard to any barriers that fell upon her path. Dusting off adversity from disappointment and get up to go again makes the difference and sets one apart. Jeno did so and she did so every time. Jeno wouldn't sacrifice her music. Jeno sacrificed for her music. Throughout metropolitan Atlanta, there are 'Open Mic' nights for aspiring Artists'. Ever determined after graduation, during the recording of her album, Jeno played these venues of North Atlanta at quite possibly all the 'Open Mics'. That persistence to hone her craft while performing in sometimes a seemingly not so Artist friendly venue was a true test. A new venue can be intimidating. A humble Artist can always over accommodate when presenting their original compositions especially at new places with new faces. More often then not, a preoccupied bustling audience may be concerned with the appetizers more than the live music. Daunting, 'Open Mic' night might in turn befuddle an Artist. Though, again, Jeno seemed to stand apart. Overcoming the audience and their appetite diversions she garnered attention and recognition. Her voice, her lyrics and her loyal 6 string guitar - that's all she needed. It never took long before patrons stopped concerning their pallets with their plates and started requesting Jeno and her songs. Jeno, ever polite and softly spoken has always obliged her audience with melodies wrapped around innocents and sincerity. She will write and sing what she believes in. From 'Blue Jeans,' to 'Here,' or even her up-tempo song, 'I'm With You,' if one wants to get to know Jeno, just take a listen. As she continues to move up the ranks, the momentum seems to catch up and blossom wherever she stops by to play. Finishing her debut album by sheer will fueled by passion, she continues to overcome the odds. Admiringly, that stubbornness to never give up, equaled with the most important possession - talent, and by adding discipline in step with originality has indeed kept her marching forward unlocking possibilities. She has and will always give all she has to give. It indeed shows up in her music. This is her debut and yet it presents itself as an established chart topping Artist in full career stride. Once again, standing apart from most, that indeed is Jeno.


Artiste: Jeno
Titre: Jeno
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 01/06/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501322850