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Rock-A-Bye Bach

Rock-A-Bye Bach

  • Par Jennifer Murphy
  • Communiqué de 01/06/2010
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 18,69 €

Product Notes

Rock-a-bye Bach contains some of the most beautiful solo piano works ever written. I began to create this album when my nephew Ed was a baby. Time and again, classical music proved to be the most effective way to stop his crying or help him fall asleep, whether it was a mobile or other toy that played a classical tune or just auntie sitting at the piano. As a lifelong pianist, I was keenly aware of the tremendous power of classical music to soothe and calm. However, I found that most of the CDs and DVDs that offered classical music to babies and young children were presented in stimulating, lively formats, designed for use during a child's waking hours. Much of the music they contained was far too upbeat and energetic for a baby who was fussy or ready for sleep. With my knowledge of classical music, I could always select separate pieces I knew to be more peaceful or soothing, but I often thought it would be wonderful to have such works collected on one CD. I also wanted to include several classical works that were written specifically for, or inspired by, children. Thus, Rock-a-bye Bach was born. These pieces, which span several musical eras, are all quite brief in length, and are generally calm and lyrical in nature. I invite you to enter the wondrous world of classical music, and I hope that you and your baby will find the same peace and relaxation that Ed and I shared while enjoying these lovely pieces.


Artiste: Jennifer Murphy
Titre: Rock-A-Bye Bach
Genre: Children's
Date de sortie: 01/06/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 812616011420
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