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Please Don't Ask Me About Her

Please Don't Ask Me About Her

  • Par Hurricane Dave
  • Communiqué de 17/11/2009
  • Music Genre Country
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 7,54 €

Product Notes

While the reading public anticipates Sarah Palin's autobiography, music fans can listen to a new song that may reflect many Alaskans' views of their former governor. 'Please Don't Ask Me About Her,' a song by Anchorage-based singer-songwriter Hurricane Dave, is being released this week. "It's not a political number; it's more of a country song about a love gone bad," said Hurricane Dave, who declines to say if the song is specifically about Palin, who resigned as governor in the summer of 2009. It never mentions her by name but contains lyrics such as "Our love was a bridge to nowhere," "She left me in the middle of our song," and " 'Going rogue,' she said, and flew off like a bird." The song was written and produced by Hurricane Dave and recorded in studios in Perry, Fla., and Anchorage. "On my trips to the Lower 48 over the past year and a half, people always asked me what it's like to live in Alaska," Dave said. "But their first question wasn't about the mountains, the glaciers, the cold weather, the bears or the salmon. It was always something about HER," he said, declining to specify who "her" is. 'Please Don't Ask Me About Her' is as much about living in Alaska as it is about the tragic end of a love affair. For example, the first chorus concludes with "You can ask me about the Iditarod or the Rendezvous of Fur, but please don't ask me about her." The tune is akin to a Western shuffle and features legendary Alaskan musicians Stu Schulman on pedal steel and Keith Junot on fiddle. "I figured the folks who don't pay any attention to lyrics might like something to dance to, so the song serves multiple purposes," Dave said. Schulman engineered the Anchorage portion of the recording and mixed the single, after noted country music producer Josh Noland recorded the rhythm tracks in Florida.


Artiste: Hurricane Dave
Titre: Please Don't Ask Me About Her
Genre: Country
Date de sortie: 17/11/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502251487