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Hour of Shame

Hour of Shame

  • Par Hour of Shame
  • Communiqué de 25/05/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,12 €

Product Notes

Drawing heavily from the influences of early grunge, and incorporating elements of modern hard rock, Hour of Shame has crafted a unique style of rock that appeals to both underground and mainstream audiences alike. Their energetic stage show and contagious chemistry continues to suck audiences into their world and propel their popularity. Hook filled crunchy guitar riffs, soaring leads, and a never compromising percussionary assualt sets the stage for dark, melodic, and powerful vocals with themes such as drug addiction, human dysfunction, and consumerism diatribes. Their first official EP, which is self-titled, is a brooding collection that quickly spans a multitude of topics and emotions as it takes the listener on a winding road of musical genre. "We want the flexability of unpredictability in our music. We are looking to completely shatter the steroetypes of what today's music should sound like with a complete disregard of genre. We have diverse musical tastes and that's driven us to a unique sound that we want to share' lead singer James Shame is quoted as saying. When asked about the band's lyrical topics he went on to say 'lyrics are very important to me, and not just because I am a vocalist. Music is an art that ultimately depicts an audible representation of self expression and the lyrics behind that art should, in themselves, be art' The band's ability to seemlessly transcend the existing lines of genre with a cohesive rock blend has not only given them a unqiue sound but has given them the opportunity to touch multiple types of listeners. Bryan, drummer and founding member of the group, says, 'There really is something for everybody which is really cool. You hear that a lot, but in this case it is true. In less than an hour we can give you everything from a pop rock radio type of song to an acoustic ballad to an all out slamming underground hard rock jam. It makes it fun and entertaining for us as performers as well as the audience because you feel like you've been on a journey together. We are fans of music first and we really just want to give people what we would want. This EP really captures what our shows are all about.'


Artiste: Hour of Shame
Titre: Hour of Shame
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 25/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501327169
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