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In the Garden & Dancing

In the Garden & Dancing

  • Par Honey V's
  • Communiqué de 19/01/2010
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,37 €

Product Notes

'Singer-songwriting duo (Vicky Reardon & Lily McGovern) from Bellingham, Washington, also know as, honey V's release "In the Garden & Dancing" in the Spring 2010. This is their debut release. Logging in at just over 46 minutes, the CD kicks things off with "All Good Things" an upbeat intro piece that serves up melodic vocal tandems from Reardon & McGovern that flutter around your ears like a carefree butterfly. Right from the start you can tell this is a vocal-driven duo with folksy-type musical overtones. Track 2 "Athena" shifts gears a bit with a dynamic musical landscape full of Celtic passion and acoustical peaks and valleys. "Athena" possesses musical flair reminiscent of early Heart with harmonic accents clearly in the vein of Anne & Nancy Wilson. Track 3 "Don't Ever Change" is another carefree acoustical statement with solid melodic foundation & rich conventional wisdom from a female perspective. As the CD slowly unfolds you will notice most of the songs are very conservative in nature and extremely melody driven. The melodies themselves will smother you with honey-coated vocal harmonies from Reardon & McGovern. You will also notice brief splashes of percussion, piano, strings, drums, keyboard & Hammond Organ accents layered throughout the production. All in all, the CD has it's moments, showcasing a lot of passion, spirituality, carefree subject matter & deep wisdom. The vocal abilities of Reardon & McGovern are impressive. They clearly take their fair share of vocal risks on this production, indicating a strong & confident vocal ability. As singers the two compliment each other very well. From carefree pieces like "Dancing in Circles" & "Valentine" to songs possessing rich conventional wisdom like "Candy", "What this Town Needs" & "In the Garden Dancing" the CD offers a lot of musical variety. The CD has a few eccentric & funny moments to it, as well, like on "Vegetarian" and "Big Ample" with lyrical content that will have you rolling on the floor. The CD ends on a solitary note with "Any Way I Do", a passionate end-statement serving up deep spiritual persona and a passionate harmonic finale.     From start to finish, "In the Garden & Dancing" is an impressive CD...It's strengths are it's strong melodic vocal structure, carefree subject matter and strong musical spirit. Vocally, Reardon & McGovern have proven themselves on this record. I tip my hat to the honey V's for letting it all hang out & for just being themselves. These gals are clearly a lot of fun to hang out with- make no bones about it, this duo possesses a musical spirit that is genuine & priceless. It's amazing how much vocal energy they possess together.' Indie Music Digest 'Honey V's is led by indie duo Vicky Reardon and Lili McGovern. Alternating vocals and guitar throughout In the Garden & Dancing, the band sings of life, love and motherhood. An extremely personal release, Reardon and McGovern talk about everything from the frustrations they feel as mothers on "Don't Ever Change" to body image on the comical "Big Ample." No stranger to the music industry, McGovern has been releasing solo work for years. Funding the album themselves, honey V's recorded and produced three songs on their debut release in McGovern's home studio..."We're all about passion and love expressed vibrantly and vivaciously by two voluptuous, voracious, visionary women," McGovern said... Both met while performing with the Derry Aires (Tin Pan Alley & a capella) in Alaska. Comedic songs were the basis of their repertoire, but as a writer it's one of the toughest genres to tackle. Perhaps it is no surprise then, that many of the tracks on the album embody a distinct sense of satire. One song in particular, "Big Ample," has charted at the top of the comedy category on for a month. "I hate my butt, my belly my hips and my thighs/My nose is too big and my shoulders too wide/But there's one part of me that I don't detest/I just love my big ample eyelashes," honey V's jest. The listener can sense the passion and excitement for music McGovern and Reardon have throughout the 12 tracks on In the Garden & Dancing. A very organic sounding release, both women's voices blend well together with the accompanying music. In their biography, McGovern and Reardon cite their muses as being Calliope, Goddess of Eloquence and Epic Poetry, and Athena, Goddess of Heroic Endeavor and Wisdom. Second track, "Athena" is a testament to her powerful inspiration. "I was young when I realized how strong I was/I made boys cry just because/I made tomboys look like beauty queens/I was obscene!/I am not weak, I'm Athena/I am not weak, I am strong/ I am not weak, I'm Athena/Mount Olympus is where I belong," honey V's sing over light percussion. "I love writing powerful songs with a rock and country influence," Reardon said. The listener can easily hear this throughout In the Garden & Dancing. "What This Town Needs" is a moving country ballad of love. "Every woman needs a look that makes her cheeks turn red/Every neck wants to be kissed/Fingers need a lover to trace up and down/Even I want a love so strong I can't resist...You crossed the room, while they all just stared/Your tender kiss made them all aware/And it was magic/That I could have this/ what I need is you," honey V sing emotionally. With light guitar strumming embodying the feeling of the song, Reardon's soprano soars with fitting harmony from McGovern. Stand-out song, "Valentine" is a stripped down acoustic track that showcase McGovern and Reardon's voices best. An impeccable piece, the light guitar and percussion accompaniment never overshadow the vocals and instead, accentuate each artist's voice. Full of emotion and unique storylines, honey V's latest release separates them from the pack. Whether it's their comical lyrics, stripped down acoustic tracks or vocal harmonies, the duo manages to keep the listener's attention. While music may not be their full time focus, their passion is evident throughout In the Garden & Dancing.' Annie Reuter.


Artiste: Honey V's
Titre: In the Garden & Dancing
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 19/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 827836005678
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