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Heavy Metal /  Heavy Metal 2000 (Limited Edition 2-Movie Collection)

Heavy Metal / Heavy Metal 2000 (Limited Edition 2-Movie Collection)

(Steelbook, 4K Mastering, With Blu-ray, Limited Edition)
  • Communiqué de 19/04/2022
  • Film et TV Genre Science Fiction, Animation
  • Format de médias 4K Ultra HD
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4K Ultra HD 
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Product Notes

The landmark animated adult musical cult favorite celebrates its 40th anniversary, with a debut on 4K Ultra HD!

Heavy Metal: Based on the sexy science fiction cult comic, "Heavy Metal" combines extraordinarily stunning visuals, new wave music and a series of mindbending stories in a unique motion picture experience. The anchor of the film is an eerie green ball that magically transports us into a series of adventures in the past, future, and into the world beyond. Included are stories of the space super heroine, Taarna; the hard.boiled exploits of Harry Canyon, cab driver of the future; and the adventures of "Den:' who the green ball changes from an introverted teen into a macho hero. This groundbreaking animation extravaganza also use the voices of John Candy, Harold Ramis, Eugene Levy and Joe Flaherty, as well as writers, directors, and artists from around the world.

Heavy Metal 2000: This sequel to Heavy Metal is a high-octane science fiction adventure concerning a beautiful young woman named Julie who vows vengeance on a ruthless tyrant after he destroys her planet. As with the first film, the stunning visuals are backed by a stellar soundtrack.

GENRE: Fantasy / Sci-Fi

TARGET: 18-45, male



  • The rock and roll animated sci-fi adventure for adults celebrates its 40th anniversary
  • Newly-mixed sound by producer Ivan Reitman, with all-new sound effects – fully maximizing the immersive Dolby Atmos experience and makes this a must-own for fans
  • Fully restored in 4K with HDR from the original camera negative
  • Presented as a national limited edition SteelBook
  • Special features include all-new celebrity fan interviews (Norman Reedus) & reflections from filmmakers (Kevin Smith)
  • Also exclusively includes the Blu-ray debut of Heavy Metal 2000 – not previously available in HD
  • Heavy Metal debuts in 4K with HDR for digital, day and date with physical; Heavy Metal 2000 debuts in HD

Heavy Metal 40th Anniversary SteelBook


Titre: Heavy Metal / Heavy Metal 2000 (Limited Edition 2-Movie Collection)
Genre: Science Fiction, Animation
Mettant en vedette: Caroline Semple, Richard Romanus, Rodger Bumpass, John Candy, Glenis Wooton Gross, Jackie Burroughs, Martin Laved, Don Francks, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis
Directeur: Gerald Potterton
Studio: Sony Pictures
Nombre de disques: 2
Attributs: Steelbook, 4K Mastering, With Blu-ray, Limited Edition
Date de sortie: 19/04/2022
Format de médias: 4K Ultra HD
UPC: 043396572973
Year of Release: 1981