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Qui Es-Tu?

Qui Es-Tu?

  • Par Gina Dupervil
  • Communiqué de 09/02/2010
  • Music Genre Latin Pop/Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 15,52 €

Product Notes

Since her last CD, the public has been waiting for her next one and it was finally released recently. Gina Dupervil is back on the musical scene with a nice CD entitled 'Qui es-tu ?'. She has a solid cast of musicians supporting her : Boulo Valcourt, Eddy Prophète, Alix Nozile and a wonderful saxophone player whom I did not know before : Didier Labossière. There are also some Cuban musicians who do a magnificent job. I would say that the CD is divided into three different movements. The first three songs can be considered the Brazilian movement, in which you hear some nice Brazilian samba beat. The CD opens with 'Lumane Casimir', a melody made famous by Carole Maroulé and written by Jean-Claude Martineau many years ago. Ms. Dupervil has a very accurate and harmonious voice which is enhanced by some excellent arrangements. Pay attention to the lyrics of the second tune 'Pa fèm-sa', written by Max Piquion. It is as imaginative as you can get in rhyming in Haitian Kreyòl. The fourth song 'Lanmou sa-a' can be considered a transition to the Haitian movement. Written by Boulo Valcourt, this is a very nice romantic melody sung with soul by Ms. Dupervil. Didier Labossière has a very nice touch on the saxophone. With the title tune 'Qui es- tu ?', a duet by Ms. Dupervil and Boulo Valcourt, we are fully in the Haitian movement. This tune contains some konpa beat and some folkloric rhythm. The sixth tune 'Dayiva' written by Jean-Claude Martineau, is in my opinion a masterpiece. The rhythm is nice and the lyrics are so meaningful! The seventh tune 'Yo' was first made famous by Tabou Combo and I find this interpretation most ingenuous. As you listen carefully to the rythmic section, you will here three different movements in one. In the beginning, the conga plays on a Congo beat, in the second part of the song, the cowbell introduces a calypso beat and you have a general samba beat, all of this in one song. And the lyrics of course are of such poignancy that you never tire of listening to the song over and over. With the eighth song, comes the third movement, a series of wonderful, immortal Latin ballads which bring back a lot of memories. Sandwiched in between, Ms. Dupervil pays hommage to her father by singing one of his famous compositions 'Merci'.. Of particular notice is the arrangement made by Eddy Prophète of this classic Latin tune 'Besame mucho'. While the songs on this CD are not new, I find it enjoyable. It is one of those CDs that you get to fully appreciate after you have listened to it carefully a second and third time. The mixing is excellent, the arrangements are tastefully made. I think it will be a good addition to your collection of CD's from Haitian women artists.


Artiste: Gina Dupervil
Titre: Qui Es-Tu?
Genre: Latin Pop/Rock
Date de sortie: 09/02/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 705727200220
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