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Deeper Still

Deeper Still

  • Par Faye Smith
  • Communiqué de 08/12/2009
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,33 €

Product Notes

Deeper Still-CD is an experiment in co-writing, from writing with friends across town or new friends from across the globe as far away as Northern Ireland to New Zealand. Each co-writer is also a worship leader. A year in the making, "Kingdom Come" morphed from one subject to another and actually limped along until the electric guitars gave it it's edge. (Thanks, Mike!) "I Come Clean" and "When I Consider the Heavens" are products of millennium technology! A friendship between Northern Ireland's worship leader Andy Rogers and myself began when he posted partial songs on his own BLOG and asked for feedback. We tossed ideas back and forth through emails and youtube, and the result is two congregational songs. "Faithful to Your Name" was it's own song by New Zealander Barry Collecutt originally known as "Faithful Son". I worshiped with the original version in my own personal devotions for a few years, when it hit me that it could use a second verse. A pretty gutsy thing to do, I emailed Barry and asked his permission to write and later to record his song with the additional verse. He graciously agreed, and we've renamed the song now that it includes the additional verse. I had the chorus written for "Deeper Still", the title cut, for 2 years before I had an acceptable verse. What we have here is my third and final version, having scrapped the others. The idea for the chorus was born after hearing Ellen Stamps (former assistant to Corrie ten Boom) speak at a retreat. Quoting Corrie, I heard her say, 'There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still.' When crafting the verses, I wanted the first verse to refer to how we will never be able to fall away too far from the Lord, and the second verse to say that we can never go beyond the Lord's rescue or beyond His mercy in our times of need. This song is my favorite one on the CD. The "Unborn Grace" title came from the guy who cuts my hair. He told me he was writing a song by that title, and I asked him if I could use the title to write a song of my own. The title begs to be a pro-life song. So, the song practically wrote itself on one plane ride I made to Portland from Dallas. In the song I am lamenting how I will never be able to know an unborn person whose name is Grace because she is the victim of an abortion..... that I will never be able to teach her the narrow way or the meaning of her name. Brett Williams, a worship leader in the Seattle area, wrote "Empty the Ocean" in 1999 with 3 verses. I saw the song as too long for congregational accessibility, so I re-wrote a second verse, taking a line from his work and creating new lines of my own. With his permission, this song is a beautiful addition to the "Deeper Still" CD. I hope you all can memorize how the chorus goes so that if you ever find yourself at the ocean you can spread your arms in worship and sing, "But to know the greatness of who You are..." as I have. My daughter Jill is the one you see on the lyrics page of the insert. I caught her worshiping at the ocean's edge. On the color side of the insert are various pictures of our family vacation in Southern California and a few studio shots. What a blast this project was to make! Mike Gage's studio expertise is first rate, as well as his drumming and bass. I can highly recommend his studio for recording if you're ever in the Dallas area! My husband Mike did most of the guitar work, with additional acoustic guitar by Ron Jones (and now my Tex-Mex food buddy). I played all the keys except the B3 organ by Rex Mauney. I hope you guys give this CD a good listen. (It sounds better if you turn up your volume really LOUD!) Leave your comments here, too. Gratefully, Faye.


Artiste: Faye Smith
Titre: Deeper Still
Genre: Christian
Date de sortie: 08/12/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 733792880627


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