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Da Capo

Da Capo

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Product Notes

Da Capo was one of the first pieces I composed for the new CD. Somewhere in 1995 I combined the one note sequence with the melodic parts. The sequence changed a bit but the rest is still the same. OK the tittle, 1993 till 95 was a period with a lot of problems, but somehow I kept smiling and wanted to see everything positively. Da Capo means : start over again, from the top, in music it is very often used. That's why I choose this title, with the sub-title The Light Beyond, after a dark period there comes always a lighter period. Tempo Rubato - Guesstimate, Tempo Rubato : in music it means that you can freely play, your own tempo. Guesstimate : guess or given an estimate of that tempo´ Berceuse Dolce - Field of Dreams, Berceuse is in music a 'lullaby' a sleep-song, Dolce is soft. Field of dreams after the movie with Kevin Costner Andante Volante - Walking on a cloud Andante is the tempo name for walking tempo, volante is light, with wings. So walking an a cloud Da Capo - The Light Beyond see above Coda Piccolo - A Tiny Tale. Coda is the end, the tail of a music piece, piccolo is little, a tiny tale ( tail ??? ) a short story Attacca con Brio - AC powered. Attacca : the word for : attack. Con brio : lively AC powered. A= Anneke my eldest daughter, C=Charlotte : the second one. AC/DC ´.. driven /powered by the energy released by the love of your children Futura Immacolata - The Innocence of Tomorrow. Futura : the future. Immacolata : innocent Crescendo a Due - Evolution for Two. Crescendo is in music the increase of volume. A Due : for two Evolution for two : in a relationship you grow, it evolves 'Hidden Track' Epilog - Testosterony's Epilog. Written when I was 36, after a rather wild period I 'wrote' the epilog for my testosteron, the male hormon. 1998. Eric van der Heijden Well, I knew before that 'Da Capo' was quite good, particularly the title track, but I happened to have gone back and played it in it's entirety again and couldn't believe I had overlooked some of the other gems that were on this CD! All I can say is that this is one of those fantastic CD's that's out there! Lots of melody combined with the feel and of power of an orchestra. Highly recommended to anyone who likes their EM sweet and powerful! All I can say is WOW !! It's been spinning continuous all last night and today. Frank Arellano Eric is a long-time collaborator with Kees Aerts and Ron Boots, who helped to produce and engineer, of Groove Unlimited, but this is his first solo CD release in seven years, a new beginning (hence 'Da Capo') partly due to his having moved studios half way through production. So every track title has a special meaning to Eric, although we're not really let in to what they may be; 'Guesstimate' is orchestral, ponderous, Vangelis-like, while 'Field Of Dreams' layers insect sounds and choir under soft electric piano. 'Walking On A Cloud' is gentle and New Agey, building up a little sequencer power but mostly dominated by a gentle acoustic guitar feel, while 'The Light Beyond' adds pan flutes and a simple, Vangelis-like analog sequencer rhythm. 'A Tiny Tale' is again dominated by electric piano over distant choirs, while 'AC Powered' opens with sounds of children playing and moves into a rapid, bubbly sequence, layering it under building, deeply reverbed drums and added, multiple synth patterns - probably the best track on the album. 'The Innocence of Tomorrow' starts with sea and symphonic string sounds, developing into a rather Celtic-influenced, gentle New Age piece, while the closing 'Evolution For Two' builds from an extremely gentle texture to a powerful, crashing drum break. Plus there are 27 hidden tracks, totally silent and no more than a few seconds long each, followed by a bonus 36th piece - uncredited on the sleeve (but identified as Testosterony's Epilog' on the CD label), it comprises more than 9 minutes of extremely powerful music, filled with trilling sequences, big drum crashes, cutting solos and strong symphonic passages, very similar to Chris Franke's 'KLEMania' CD. It sounds like it may be a concert piece - but in many ways it's more appealing than most of the individual tracks on the album, although in quite a different style. An odd album then, cryptic and clearly very spiritual in nature, and perhaps better suited to a New Age than to a synth music label; in terms of synth music fans, most appealing to enthusiasts of Vangelis' more orchestral moments, but that hidden synthy blast at the end may widen it's audience considerably. Rating: **** Four Stars - an excellent album of it's kind E-Mix Eric van der Heijden almost worked 7 years to complete this 2nd CD: the classic romantically inspired 'Da Capo'. A lot of personal feelings and moods can be heard throughout the album, it is brought very close to the listener in all it's beauty. Don't expect only calm, serene music, because from time to time some heavy rhythms and sequences show up. 'Da Capo' sounds full of regained confidence, it's an overwhelming musical statement for the many who are always searching for the best new things in nowadays electronic and contemporary instrumental music. Don't look any further, this is your bet! Bert Strolenberg Da Capo the Light Beyond is Eric van der Heijden's second solo CD. It came out seven years after his first release. During that time he has been cutting his teeth with some of Europe's finest electronicians. He collaborated on several tracks for Groove's Truth series. He has also appeared in concert with Ron Boots, Kees Aerts, Ian Boddy and Harold van der Heijden (his cousin), among others. This CD is evidence that he has been paying attention. The disc is primarily a symphonic synthesizer set with plenty of melodic and pastoral washes and a deep drone to augment the soundscape. While each of the eight tracks tells it's own story about Eric's values, wants and needs, the subtle drone and the orchestral passages give the CD symphonic qualities. Thus, each piece is a movement. They represent unique stages in Eric's personal and artistic development. The CD also represents the diversity of the Groove Unlimited catalogue. Their repertoire covers the gamut from heavy Berlin school sequences to atmospheric minimalism and to symphonic synthesizers. This is a worthy and integral piece of that discography. Jim Brenholts After a 7 year gap here at last is Eric van der Heijden's second CD. Firstly, it's worth pointing out that when you slot this album into the CD it will register as 36 tracks, though only 9 have music on them. Tracks 9-35 each play as 3 seconds of silence. Why? Haven't a clue! My first guess was a manufacturing 'balls up' - however the last track ('Eµlog') is referred to as 36 on the CD printing so it looks planned (something to do with µ?) The album opens with 'Tempo Rubato' and fans of the epic sweeping symphonic of Robert Fox will immediately be in raptures. This is a fantastic start which develops into a subtle work of synth and piano interplay. A brief return to 'the wall of sound' suggest the track is closing - but no, instead a subtle harpsichord sequence envelopes a luscious Mellotron/flute motif to finally end the piece. Subsequent tracks proceed to serve up delightful melodic, full of subtle guile and meaning. Sequences are carefully nurtured on some of the pieces to create the perfect backdrop. On the title track for example they underpin a theme which slowly builds to a crescendo. 'Attacca Con Brio' is a more uptempo number with deep chugging sequences, well constructed motifs and some choice effects. 'Futura Immacolata' acts an a beautiful introduction to 'Crescendo A Due' which again gathers latent energy as pounding percussion and marvellous melodic combine. Either prod the skip button like frenzy or wait a minute or so and we come to the final piece 'Eµlog' - and it's worth finding. Ron Boots fans - come on down! Masterful multi-sequenced layers, driving melodic - it's all here. This is a hugely impressive album. Very personal in style, and very much homage to the things which are important - children, family, friends etc. Sometimes, no matter how heartfelt, this sort of concept can be a disappointment. Not here though. When it catches you in the mood, this all sounds so right. GG.


Artiste: Der Heijden, Eric Van
Titre: Da Capo
Genre: New Age
Date de sortie: 11/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 8715164000170
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