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Intergalactic War

Intergalactic War

  • Par Elizabeth Wallace
  • Communiqué de 13/07/2010
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 20,10 €

Product Notes

This British pop singer's third album (2010) on cdbaby differs from the previous two by incorporating more of a pop/rock feel; a brighter tempo; the introduction of self-singer harmony and the inclusion of lyrical snippets sung in various foreign languages. I.e. French; Russian; Ukrainian; Polish. All of these features compliment the happiness and individual personality and humour of it's strong-voice creator who loves singing so much, that you can hear her laugh whilst singing. The album showcases four OUTER SPACE type songs. (Tracks 1,2,10,11) match the sentiments of the album title. 'My New Jaguar' (Track 1) is the featured song of the album, and displays the ability of this unique, petite singer to manage happy, fast paced music whilst displaying a wide vocal range versatility and the ability to sustain long notes - unique! In contrast to the former fast pace, Track 2, 'Intergalactic War' is a slower ballad that displays this artist's humour, which is again amplified in Track 8 'Hey Doctor', which is a little bit of a 'send-up' on the treatment you receive, especially when you're poor. It describes the treatment people receive when they do or don't have money at their disposal. E.g. 'If you have no money' have to wait a year to see the doctor; lots of money...he'll fit you in straight away and even come round and see you at your home especially if you have gold/ silver with which to pay! (It has to be, however, in an acceptable currency.) 'Russian roubles ? NO' ... (in Russian) - not acceptable as currency! Better service is attained if you have beautiful baubles around your neck and come in wearing an elegant belt, bag, coat and hat.] Track 10, 'Cape York', and Track 11 ' Moon, mice & green cheese' include the multi-linguistic ability of the singer. (Years of language laboratory classes have paid-off!) Cape York (Peninsula) is where the Hon Premier, Bjelke-Peterson of Australia, (1970's) proposed building a new space-port for the Southern Hemisphere...hence...'come ride with me', to travel beyond the stars with Mergatroid the robot ...navigating and charting. If you can imagine in your mind Mergatroid driving the UFO.... (think of an image synonymous with a competent, flowerpot type, plastic head see-through robot driving the star ship, as in the Gerry and Sylvia Anderson production of 'Fireball XL5' in black and white... well the song, will then match and enhance your image. 'Moon, mice and green cheese' French...La lune, les souris et le fromage verte...refers to the aliens that are seen on videos on YouTube on the internet - aliens (the mice/meeces) criss-cross the skies, where reports emanate that the moon is inhabited. Perhaps they live underground? Some on the internet say that on the dark side of the moon...there are statues, buildings, that clearly show habitation...that is why they are on the dark side...and the space ships that fly there are triangular, and have access to a special earth entry corridor over the poles (Antarctic) where no one can see them fly in and out. The song takes these thoughts and produces a happy slight nobody is offended by what is said, as it is said in slapstick humour. 'Mir' Space station (now deorbited) and replaced by the International Space Station (ISS) is referred to, and the singer sings a greeting in Russian to the Cosmonauts who work there. Virgin Galactic is referred to because it operates from Mohave Spaceport in the USA., (now with a new spaceport in new Mexico, announced in 2010) and most people at the present time can't even think of affording to pay for a ticket e.g. on the first moon flight? $200,000 is a big ticket item for 90% of earth's populace, for a commercial moon flight, so the singer asks...'Please Virgin Galactic can you arrange a free return ride for me my job I'll never earn $200,000 to pay for a ride to the moon.' Virgin Galactic is presently pioneering commercially available spaceflights that can be booked on their website. The singer says she wants to go to the moon to meet the meeces (mice) make friends with same and to see their deep underground cities. Track 7 depicts the hell that any person goes through, when they are given a somewhat unacceptable (to some) name, as their birthright. This child was n amed 'Adolf Hitler'. The song is based on facts reported by the Sky News service in 2007. In the song, a US bakery refuses to bake, the three year old's birthday cake, because of the child's name that has to go on top of the cake. They refuse to inscribe it...hence 'no cake for little Adolf Hitler.' 'Selecting Shoes' (Track 4) with it's fast tempo depicts the problem of selecting a partner or a's like selecting a new pair of shoes...says this lady. Elizabeth showcases her vocal harmonic skill in this tune, and the song features a short chaser at the end, after a pause, which enhances the tune. In the tune 'Longevity', the singer wants to live forever...and she'll use nannites (micro-organisms that will/can fix your ailments). She says she might have to get the scientists to clone a few sets of teeth for her, to enable her to live as long as Methuselah. She states that she likes the idea of 'growing babies in a glass nutrient jar! In all - a fun tune...depicting the value of living a long happy life and sharing same with family, boyfriend and friends. In contrast, Track 5 'Michael, You're a Wonderful Man' depicts the happiness in having an adoring husband...a family...a wife being the strength and support for a working husband. The tune includes slower classical orchestral overtones/parts that contrast sharply with the faster rthymn of the rest of the album. A bright mandolin solo, features in 'Soulmate' (Track 3) for all lovers in Loveland, looking to find each other. For all of these reasons...including the use of skilfull lyrics...this is a well produced, unique album to buy and own from an outstanding artist who is set to appeal to English speaking; French; and Slavic populations all over the planet.


Artiste: Elizabeth Wallace
Titre: Intergalactic War
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 13/07/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502528428
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