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Queen of the Bubblin' Vista

Queen of the Bubblin' Vista

  • Par Donna Kay Honey
  • Communiqué de 25/05/2010
  • Music Genre Country
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 13,24 €

Product Notes

These are catchy tunes that will make you laugh. This country comedy music is based on the real life diary of Donna Kay Honey, number one resident of the Bubblin' Vista Trailer Park up near Enumclaw Washington. Every evening the residents of the Vista get together for a weenie roast and rehearsal, singing about Donna kay's life experiences. The results are foot-stompin', heartwarming,irreverent songs that will make you forget that you are stuck in traffic. Funny country titles with actual songs attached! Frenchy Cordova I can't stop singing these damn hilarious songs. Everyone knows someone who would love this CD! I heard the Cowpokers play a few times and loved the truly oddball lyrics paired with genuinely catchy tunes [esp. 'Cowpokin'']. So, I was thrilled to see the gems of their repertoire wrapped up into one album. There is excellent musicanship, particularly on bass. Donna Kay Honey's voice perfectly captures the ennui and loneliness of a single woman stuck in a weird, slightly surreal, middle-of-nowhere trailer park. You'll find yourself humming these songs for years [and years and years and years]. when I lived in Seattle I used to go and see donna kay honey (major hottie!) and the cowpokers play live all the time. I had a big crush on donna for a long time, but i heard that she ended up marrying one of her cousins. Hopefully with this new CD we'll get to see more of them. Their battle cry was 'almost country, almost good!' sorry to say they never invited me to their trailer at the bubblin' vista trailer park. I suspect some pretty wild parties go on there. The album rocks, my fav song is 'cowpokin'' listen to it a time or two and you won't be able to get 'oh my darlin's going out cowpokin', when i wish he was here pokin' me...' another good ditty is the feminist anthem 'Oklahoma and Weenie dogs' and you'll never forget 'I remember your member but I forget your face...'. highly recommended! Be sure to become a member of the pony-pullers club and if you live near Seattle sign up for their mailing list so you can see them when they play live. I'm Donna Kay Honey, I'm a REAL Person, and I want you to send me some money REAL FAST!


Artiste: Donna Kay Honey
Titre: Queen of the Bubblin' Vista
Genre: Country
Date de sortie: 25/05/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 691045922527