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  • Par Domain
  • Communiqué de 07/11/2006
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Format de médias CD
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Product Notes

Domain first captured a special place in the hearts of fans of melodic metal back in the 80s with their first works, 'Lost In The City' (still under the old band name KINGDOM), 'Before The Storm' and 'Crack in The Wall', as well as with their hit songs such as 'Lost In The City' and ' 'I Don't Wanna Die'. But it was their comeback albums, 'One Million Lightyears From Home' (2001), 'The Artefact' (2002) and 'The Sixth Dimension' (2003) as well as a successful tour with the rock legends, Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner (HTP) that secured the quintett a firm place in the Champions League of the European Melodic Metal scene. Harder but also epicer than ever before, DOMAIN is still impressing thousands of fans in this, the 21st century, with their perfect mixture of progressive, melodic and symphonic music. And that is when the career of the excellent guitarist Axel 'Ironfinger' Ritt, first class vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz (Evidence One et al), and the long-term band mates keyboarder Erdmann Lange, bass player Jochen Mayer (Boysvoice, Demon Drive, Casanova) and the ex-Symphorce drummer Stefan Köllner really began... In 2005 the band again hit a high score with the concept album, 'Last Days Of Utopia', based on an idea of singer Carsten Lizard Schulz. And to accompany the ambitious work, which truly demanded all the talent and energy that the band could muster, they found a great partner in Limb Music Products, who were to accompany them during their extensive projects in the years to come. With 'Last Days Of Utopia' and a bunch of older hits in their luggage, DOMAIN - on their Melodic Metal Alliance Tour didn't just please the fans. As promotion for their albums 'One Million Lightyears From Home', 'New Horizons', 'The Artefact', 'The Sixth Dimension' and 'The Essence Of Glory' (a limited edition Best Of album) which had been newly released in Asia, they went on tour through Korea. At the Busan Festival DOMAIN were greeted by 25,000 fanatical fans like superstars. They also played a live show on Koreas' biggest Saturday night TV show to millions of viewers. The success gave the band wings, and punctually for their 20th anniversary, DOMAIN pulled another stroke of genius out of their proverbial sleeve. Under the productional guidance of Axel Ritt himself, several prominent musicians were invited to play on the new album 'Stardawn'. Amongst these are Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Uli Jon Roth) and Michael Voss (Casanova), as well as the vocal acrobats Tarek Maghary (Majesty), Val Halla Jr. (Iron Mask) and Connie Andreszka (Circle Of Pain), who appear on the album as the 'Stardawner Boys Choir' for incredible backing voices (e.g. on 'Crystal Stone Island', 'Temple Of The Earth', 'Headfirst Into Disaster'...), thus impressively underscoring the extreme versatility of the album's character. It doesn't matter whether the CD player's layer head reaches the fabulous cover version of Chris de Burgh's 'Don't Pay The Ferryman', the rocking 'Headfirst Into Disaster' or the extraordinary guitar fireworks at the start of 'All In The Name Of Fire', 'Stardawn' documents all the band's strengths in an incredible manner. And with the 25-minute long epic 'Shadowhall', which, in a musical-like fashion describes the rise and fall of a vampire clan, DOMAIN again sets songwriting standards against which all other bands of today's Melodic Metal scene will be compared. The new album will in addition be released as a limited edition 2 CD/DVD digipak with a great DVD including a 40 minute long tour documentary entitled '7 days in Korea' with comments and interviews with Carsten Lizard Schulz and Axel Ritt, a 35 minute long live clip from the Busan Festival, a 15 minute long TV documentary etc., etc. And an additional Best Of CD with the very best from the albums 'Lost In The City', 'Before The Storm', 'Crack In The Wall', 'One Million Lightyears From Home', 'The Artefact" and 'The Sixth Dimension', as well as two cover songs which have until now only been released on two compilation CDs, ('Stormbringer' and 'Over The Hills And Far Away'). There just isn't better value for money!


Artiste: Domain
Titre: Stardawn
Genre: Heavy Metal
Date de sortie: 07/11/2006
Étiquette: LMP
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 693723792927