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  • Par Deeray Garcia
  • Communiqué de 30/03/2010
  • Music Genre Country
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 17,33 €

Product Notes

I always admired Buck Owens as a kid,so, I had to do a song for the king of The Bakersfield Sound so we choose 1) 'Above and Beyond'. My producer Dick McVey and I was going through a feel out process.You know throwing Idea's out at one another. I sang 2)'This Cold War With You' for him he said 'let's cut it' and so we did. I never got to see Floyd Tillman live but what a writer he was. 3) Goodbye Marie has been one of my songs in my show for the last 25 years or so, I used to sing it to a old girl-friend,you guess it!! 4) Leave The Rest Behind. We changed this a few times (Titles) Anyway's I wrote this about my last Divorce, Waylon Jennings and my Mom. 5) My producer sent me this song ' Yesterdays Rose's' and I loved how it fit the feeling of this project. I hope for it to be my next single. 6) growing up and playing bars and honky-tonks If I Left it up to You, was a common theme at closing time or in fact anytime. Thank You Merle. 7) Teardrops In my Heart, I learned this song from the late Patsy Montana and love Rex Allen's version so I though I would try my hand at Cowboy Music.8) If I had half the Sense (a fool was born with) The first time I heard Lefty Frizzell do this song I thought I had died and went to heaven. He was my hero and the best damm singer my mom ever brought home. He is also my youngest brother's Daddy. 9) We snuck into a club in L.A. and this guy Danny was playing a set and I never forgot ' Good Time Charlie' Everyone in the session was pumped when I decided to cut this. 10) Big Diamonds, Well if you are going to play bars you better know this song as well because you could be asked 2-3 times a night for it. I can't thank enough Dick McVey for seeing me/us through this project,and all the session player's that i met or new and became friends with. I hope to see you the fans and Friends Down the road Deeray Garcia.


Artiste: Deeray Garcia
Titre: Undercover
Genre: Country
Date de sortie: 30/03/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502254075