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Buffalo Spirit

Buffalo Spirit

  • Par David Hennager
  • Communiqué de 29/09/2009
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 14,99 €

Product Notes

What can I say? The first piece was dedicated to a secretary, who held the key to the midi lab, at the Riverside Community College campus, and would very pleasantly, let me in, so I could get work done. Her name was Barnes-Rosa... The piece itself was a complete 'stream of consciousness' experience. I just turned on the' step record ' button,and began hitting keys. I started with the treble line. I go so far, stop, and do the same thing with the bass line. I went like this, back and forth, until I was half way done. I put in the interlude in the middle, repeated some of the beginning, and finished the piece off. Voile! The second piece, was in response to a class I took at, when I attended Pasadena City College. It had to do with, Chinese music and their instruments. Though I used a pentatonic scale, I still wanted to avoid Western harmony as much as I could, so I employed the Equal Interval System (thank you Mr. Mitachek!), I learned when I was at Pasadena, to come up with a way to use chords,based on fourths, to get what I wanted. Funny thing though, for some reason, I did slip into harmonies,based on thirds, half way through the piece. But, towards the end, as the piece became more frenetic, I ended up using chords, based on seconds, to give a' chopstick' quality to the whole thing. The third piece started out as homework, for my advanced midi class, I took from Mr Schmidt, in Riverside He wanted an assignment, based on four parts. I immediately thought of a string orchestra. Around the same time, the Music Director for the local orchestra, passed away. His name was Patrick Flynn. I worked with the man for almost 10 years, as the stage manager of the Riverside County Philharmonic. I've always respected his insight and passion for music. I guess his passing affected me more than I thought. The music assignment quickly became a tribute to him. The solo violin part came later (freudian representation of someone- who knows?). The fourth piece is part of a larger work called 'In Aphrodite's Secret Garden' There are four movements. It is,by far, the most dissonant of all the movements. At it's most basic core, the piece loosely revolves around a four movement motif rooted in a major seventh. And why 'a' minor? I wanted to bang really hard on the lowest note of the piano. The last piece, was a refection of my desire to write something 'Americana'. I didn't dare go in the direction Arron Copeland used in Appalachian Spring's. He said it all. So I decided to go in a different direction- The Native Americans. I didn't use native instruments, or indigenious melodies. This is only an impression. I wanted to show the bravery and courage of a proud people. There are three other movements, in the works. One is in the outline stage, and therefore needs to be extended and orchestrated. I'm trying to connect the third movement to the fourth movement. The fourth needs some work. I want to give a shout out to Mario and Lauron Pedroza for their patience, in trying to figure out how to do cover art. I want to thank Patricia Korzec for her encouragement. Hey, Janelle and Katherine. I want to thank my composition teacher, Barney Childs( who taught at the University of Redlands),for his confidence, in my 'talent'. Sadly, he passed away about nine years ago. The most important thing he taught me, was freedom. He would often tell me- ' The music gods are not going to strike you down for having an idea!' I also have to thank, Charles Richard, a music teacher the Riverside Community College, for showing me the importance of 'structure'. I don't think I could advance, in writing music, if I never learned that concept. I also have to thank Brad Williams, at Ontrax, in Riverside, for lending his engineering ear, in mixing, my music. Another shout out, to all the crazy and wonderful people, at Performance Riverside, who have been a big part of my life, the last twelve years. David Hennager.


Titre: Buffalo Spirit
Date de sortie: 29/09/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502231533
Item #: SRD223153
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