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Prix: 15,16 €

Product Notes

Not your typical singer/songwriter, David Matthew Daniels describes his music as 'a country-punk-blues-and-roll-jazz-soul review' because his influences are as diverse as the genres he recreates. His music is true Americana: honest, soulful, heartfelt stories of love, loss, life, fighting the good fight, and hope, even in the darkest corners of the soul. With songs that are reminescent of smoke filled dive bars to songs that remind us to find something worth fighting for, Daniels has a song for everyone who listens. Daniels words, his melodies, expect fully deserved waves of empathy. Throughout the caressing sounds of his guitar, knees buckle, with relief, and at the eloquence of each note from his piano. The listener is overtaken by the liquid fire of his voice, of his story. Traveling with Daniels begins with the flick of a match in a dark space, and his voice through the fog exposes all the beauty of dark truth. Like the trail of a midnight cigarette drifting around us, Daniels words allow society to become self, self to become nature. His music is an alchemy that transform all that the listener thought they knew. They find fingers gripping the chair as if they were at sea struggling to grasp onto the lifeboat that is his music. The listener finds themself present always for his next sound, lingering like a woebegone, angry, unwanted teenage addict, experiencing love, desire and rage in every instant. They ride with Daniels, in and out, throughout, in all ways, and hear themself beg for his next melodic note to touch the ghostly essence of self, of interconected selves. They trust his music to comprehend the dark constrewed confusions of this world, to see the lightness of them, and the lights beyond. When the listener hears Daniels music, they allow him to remove their blinders, and see. In the silent places they are reminded that he sees, and it pulls them to saftey, knowing that together we see, we know, we feel, we live. Everytime they walk away from his music, they have to shake their head just to climb back into themself. Daniels music is magic transcended.


Artiste: David Daniels Matthew
Titre: Muloch
Genre: Rock
Date de sortie: 19/01/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884501268356
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