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New World Order

New World Order

  • Par D.E.R Collective
  • Communiqué de 05/10/2010
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 16,73 €

Product Notes

What is the DER Collective? Perhaps they can best be described as 'A faction of Inspired Aptitude,' or 'A Harmoniously Adept Ensemble.' History When Deri Roberts, a South Wales based Composer/Producer began this project 2 years ago in his home studio he was following his vision to deliver a live music based, feature length, Hip-hop influenced album of high quality. With a passion for Hip-hop music but with very few Hip-hop acts in the scene accessing the talents of live musicians, and coming from a live music background the desire to combine both genres was too tempting to pass. On one hand Deri set about laying down the tracks, on the other, in order to bring the project to realisation, he set about searching for, and hand picking the immediate members of the crew. Members who would share the same passion for the music, members who would bring their individual flavours to the fold yet fit comfortably within the creative ethos of the project. The line up soon took form as Elliot Bennett provided the complex and unbelievable beats, Dionne Bennett added the beautifully powerful and sultry melodies, Dregz kicked up a storm with multifarious and thought provoking lyrics, while DJ Jaffa negotiated the intricacy of the turntables with his cut and scratch excellence. Between these core members the basis for the debut album was completed as the whole process moved onto it's next phase. To make the album live! Over the months a whole host of talent graced the studio to contribute layer after layer to the mix as Deri brought together an additional collection of musicians and vocalists renown for being amongst some of the most prolific in their field. This completed a true collective that helped to bring to life this united vision through a collaboration of skill, sweat and inspiration. Hence, the DER Collective. The result of all this work is their 14 track debut album titled 'New World Order.' An album which promises to take you on a deep, musically thumping, melodic, politically challenging, diverse, satirical, uplifting, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek journey into the world of the DER Collective. The different styles and genres are there through-out the album for all to hear, as hardcore hip-hop beats, mellow strings, bumping horn sections, skanking Reggae grooves, Persian and African vocals, as well as world percussion flavours, are all seamlessly blended together through expertly weaved production techniques. This is the DER Collective. In performance you will see an 11 piece high octane unit, but whether you catch us live or recorded, we hope that you enjoy listening to our musical vision. 'This is really YOUR New World Order.'


Artiste: D.E.R Collective
Titre: New World Order
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Date de sortie: 05/10/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 5065001530135
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