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Just Hold on

Just Hold on

  • Par Cynthia Mann
  • Communiqué de 01/12/2009
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 19,42 €

Product Notes

This album was created out of a longing to pour out my heart due to so many situations I experienced. It is amazing how although this album was created due to those situations, the same songs are now ministering to different circumstances for which I currently face. HE'S MINE: With a friend like God, who gave his only son, just for me, it is impossible not to know that my relationship with Him is personal. Having that personal relationship with God allows me know He is whatever I want him to be - a healer when I am sick; a best friend when I feel all alone, someone for whom I can confide; knowing I can trust him. He's mine - makes it personal for me. I belong to Him and He is MY person Savior. JUST HOLD ON: After the death of my youngest brother, my mother battling cancer, changing membership to another church and handling serious problems at work, I sat in my office, looking out of the window; reflecting on everything for which I had battled. The common denominator was that I didn't give up. Through many conversations with God and a boat -load of tears, this song was birthed. I had never written or arranged a song in my life. To this day, this song consistently ministers to me. TRUST YOU LORD: Was sort of an addendum to Just Hold On. No matter what I faced or face, I put my trust in God almighty; knowing that everything will turn out positive. It is imperative that I continue to trust God no matter what occurs. I AM NOT ALONE: No matter how bleak, dreary or crazy life becomes, this simple knowledge is my lifeline; believing that God will never leave or forsake me. I don't just believe, but know that fact. His spirit dwells within me; comforting me in times of weakness. His strength is perfect during those times. I NEED PATIENCE: While financially strapped. I prayed to God hoping that He'd provide a solution. I already knew that everything was going go work out just fine, but I didn't want to wait for God's outcome. Instead, I became agitated because it was taking Him too long to handle it. While reflecting (once again), I began to pray for patience. This song was birthed. Because I want the benefits God offers, I know it is imperative that I await his solution AND timing. GOTTA SHOUT NOW: After my nephew was killed in a motorcycle accident, I wrote this song out of anger; asking God, 'Why did this happen?' I wanted to just holler and scream. Well, the 'shout' is really meant by a praise dance as well as a holler (praising God with a very loud praise). This would take the place of just being down-right angry. This embodies my relief from stress. WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ME: It is difficult to begin to think about all the things God has done for me without getting emotional and wanting to sincerely thank Him. It is said, '.......let me count the ways....' I can't count the ways in which God has blessed me. I would continue nonstop. I know that He has proven himself over and over again; helping me out of situations so grim I could not have figured out the correct course. Nevertheless, God saw fit to place me 'right side up' and granted me wisdom to continue in the correct direction. YOU DID IT JUST FOR ME: One of the main questions in my mind is 'What have I done that Jesus would die for me; just to save me?' All that I have done and do presents such an unworthiness. However, the love of God is just that awesome that He would give his life.......just for me.


Artiste: Cynthia Mann
Titre: Just Hold on
Genre: Christian
Date de sortie: 01/12/2009
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502244755
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