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Looking Toward the Sunset

Looking Toward the Sunset

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Prix: 13,13 €

Product Notes

Mike and Craig have established a friendship for several years, as well as business relationship in music. Mike plays pine flute and Craig is a music evangelist and worship leader who produces his original Christian music in his home studio for himself and others - he has a long client list, some are Grammy winners, and one client is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mike is an artist who sells his wares all over Oklahoma. Mike plays and sells his flutes and crafts a lot of other things with his gifted hands like Dream Catchers, hand made knives, and jewelry. Mike has a hard time keeping up with the demand for his flutes. The simple reason for that is because the look great and sound incredible. Even more incredible is the way he learned how to make them. Mike had a dream one night which he vividly remembers to this day. In that dream, God revealed to him how to make flutes - from beginning to end. When I first heard the story, I had to ask some questions to understand how this could happen. Ever heard the story of Noah and the Ark? The concept is similar, the length of the flute was revealed to him as the distance between his longest finger and his elbow. The distance between the wholes was determined by the space of one, two, or three fingers depending on each particular whole. The flutes are formed from two pieces of wood that are eventually glued together. Even the part of the flute that produces the whistle had specifications which helped Mike produce these flutes from the very first day he tried to produce one based on the specifications revealed in this dream. All this from a dream Mike had in mid life. Mike does not reveal his secrets of how he makes his flutes, but it is just incredible to see that by following the directions revealed to him in this dream, his flutes are in perfectly tuned pitch, and sound awesome as well. This is Mike Elkin's second album recorded, produced, and mastered by Craig Stuke. The first album was just Mikes beautiful flute performances with a little reverb added to sweeten the sound. This second album really started to evolve when Mike told Craig, 'You can add whatever you want to my flute performances.' Not knowing how far to take that, or how much time to devote to this project, Craig began the process of adding nature sounds and musical backgrounds to Mike's flute songs. First, the typical sounds of wind and rain were added, but it was soon discovered that unless you were in a good listening enviornment, the wind and rain just ended up sounding like static or hiss. Also, our CD started to sound like a million others that had wind, rain, thunder and birds chirping. As the thoughts of the typical accompaniment ideas faded, Craig started to really listen to and get to know these songs Mike had recorded in Craig's studio. Craig was able to take some of Mikes songs and edit them in his computer to make them fit a consistent time signature. Mike has the uncanny ability to play 'in time' naturally, always staying in time, but not being in strict 4/4 or 3/4 time. He kind of free wheels his flute songs. As Craig got to know each song better, he began to experiment with sounds and instruments that would always support and highlight the main event, the cedar flutes that Mike makes himself and plays. Another consideration was that the accompaniment tracks and songs needed to stay within the parameters and context of the album. We needed to be careful that the songs flowed, developed, and complimented each other. As you will hear on this CD, the end result is flute music that is beautiful, interesting, exciting, and inspirational. This album will carry you through 45 minutes of listening pleasure that you hopefully will enjoy each time you listen to it.


Artiste: Craig Stuke & Mike Elkins
Titre: Looking Toward the Sunset
Genre: New Age
Date de sortie: 20/04/2010
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 884502466775
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