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Spaces in Between

Spaces in Between

  • Par Chuck Pyle
  • Communiqué de 17/09/2012
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Format de médias CD
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Prix: 18,10 €

Product Notes

Chuck Pyle has released his 11th CD, The Spaces in Between. Twelve brand new songs embellished with the Chuck Pyle Finger Style and hummable melodies to spare. Dream Song is the lead-in song. In the middle of the night, Chuck began writing down the words and music from his dream and the more awake he became, the better the song sounded. Three relationship songs follow-Love Will Find a Way, Beckoning Sky and The Yellowstone-with themes of life's ups and downs. Picking Out My Outfit is classic Chuck Pyle humor, wry and in-your-face, about men's attempt at looking casual. Ouch! Chuck's addiction to fly fishing is outed with a very celtic, Copper John, a hearty tribute to John Barr's classic nymph-pattern. Then, Wide Open was written to Wyoming and 'the spaces in between'. Chuck heard of a story of one of the original wolves that was re-introduced into Yelllowstone. From that came the song, Alpha No. 9, a poignant message delivered in a conversation between an old wolf and young wolf. The song Chickadee may be the happiest song about the happiest bird. Surfin' is reminiscent of a 1959 California roller rink and the last two songs, In Love With Love and Remember Someone's Near look into the essence of letting oneself be loved. This CD is filled with the kind of variation that makes record companies cringe and fans smile: twelve different sounding songs, a tasty buffet of tone poems on acoustic 6-string backed up by Colorado's E tones and sung the way only Chuck can sing. Twelve new songs written by Colorado's most celebrated living songwriter, every melody just right, every lyric full of unforgettable turns and imaginings only someone of Chuck's caliber can describe.


Artiste: Chuck Pyle
Titre: Spaces in Between
Genre: Folk
Date de sortie: 17/09/2012
Étiquette: CD Baby
Format de médias: CD
UPC: 709557102921